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Kate Mucci always wanted to make everyone better. As a child, it was the stray animals she found in the countryside near her home. As a teenager, she taught music to mentally retarded adults. As a young woman, she tried helping through the law - thinking she could right wrongs and make it all better. But it was never quite enough. She began to write, believing that the power of the written word could be her weapon; her way of making a difference.

While living in Los Angeles during the mid 1980's, Kate realized a dream, and was commissioned to write four screenplays for a small production company. She then wrote the scripts for several industrial, promotional and recruitment videos. Her newfound connections led to more work in the motion picture industry, eventually providing her with enough experience to start her own post-production company.

This led to involvement in other pursuits, and Kate drifted back into more conventional businesses. While she strayed from her writing during this time, Kate was able to use her status as a businesswoman to pursue her desire to make a difference. She raised funds for disabled children, educated others regarding cruelty to animals, and became actively involved in environmental matters.

Still, that wasn't enough. It wasn't until Kate took up the harp that she found her true calling. She knew, from the moment she strummed her first notes, that it was the instrument she needed to satisfy her drive to heal. When she discovered the ancient healing music code, it was the final answer.

Using the ancient code of tones to create healing compositions for individuals is a natural outgrowth of the healing music work that Kate and her husband have been doing since 1992. By conducting "Healing Music" and "Music for Inner Peace" workshops, and holding Healing Music Concerts, Kate and Richard educate others in the power of music to heal. Now, with the release of their book and CD combination "The Healing Sound of Music", they are able to share the healing power of music with people around the world. The Healing Sound of Music is at this time being translated into Spanish and German. Kate and Richard plan to use the profits from the book to build the world's first "Healing Music and Arts Center".

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