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Life is a Bowl of Cherries
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Next  Log In or Join Now is an international center for all seekers.

Years ago I considered creating a bricks-and-mortar center as a learning institution of the Spirit, Mind and Body. I envisioned people from around the world gathering to explore their inner self, getting in touch with their Higher Self, and understanding their connection to the Divine. I envisioned a location where the wisdom of others could be shared with all. I envisioned a place where great minds could share their vision and experiences. I envisioned a place that would assist fellow seekers in their search. I envisioned a place that could effect the entire world in an enlightening way. has evolved into that center for Spirit, Mind and Body.

The objective of our center is to afford visitors of all ages the ability explore and interact with the myriad of alternative views relating to Spirit, Mind, and Body. These are vast realities that range from the very human concerns of health, well being, aging, and alternative therapies, to universal topics of extraterrestrials, UFOs and phenomenon, to our delicate environment, to life after life, and the spiritual truths of the Divine that each of us is striving to connect with.

Knowledge is the key that unlocks the secrets of our exterior and interior universe. That platform is amplified by shared knowledge from fellow seekers. The intent of is to provide timely information on the subjects of Spirit, Mind, and Body and to create an environment of opportunity for learning and personal growth for our community through:

  • on-line radio interviews with cutting-edge researchers, authors and experiencers;
  • articles that promote the well being of Spirit, Mind, and Body;
  • video demonstrations and discussions;
  • informative newsletters;
  • public discussion boards;
  • secure chat rooms where we may share thoughts on a variety of subjects; and
  • products that enhance Spirit, Mind or Body.

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