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Media Archives

You have found the complete archive of all Audio and Video contained within Shirley Maclaine's website. Included are Shirley's entire collection of over 300 radio shows from Internet Expression Radio and Cooking in the Lite as well as behind-the-scenes videos with the ShirleyCam, Shirley's performances and appearances, our terrific collection of UFO videos . . . and more.

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Media Categories
Independent Expression Radio
Independent Expression Radio is an enlightening audio journey with Shirley at the helm. From aging to UFOs, Shirley and her guests openly explore information that will amaze, inform and entertain you. By Topic:
Shirley's Performances & Appearances
Singer, dancer, performer, speaker... each of these is an aspect of Shirley's life that you can experience here.
Cooking in the Lite Radio
Cooking in the Lite Radio is a lifestyle experience. From attitude to herbs to vegetables Brit and her guests share information that helps you maintain the well-being, health and energy of body, mind, and spirit. By Topic:
Continuum Radio
Join Dr. Meg as she delves into subjects that can open your mind and enlighten your spirit.
ShirleyCam Behind the Scenes Video
At home, or in a backstage dressing room, or on the set of a movie, Shirley shares her life experiences.

UFOs & Phenomenon Next
Even if you do believe UFOs are other-worldly, you might want to take a look at this footage.
Meditations Next
Meditations are a way to center and balance and connect to your Higher Self.
Additional Media Next
A potpourri of other media clips you will enjoy.

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