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Old 07-17-2014, 08:47 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default Escape From Dulce

I write this as a tale of fiction.As not to get The men in black after me.

I was traveling since my retirement to Roswell ,knowing there was to see but shops selling t shirts and what not.
Going to bar in town to figure out where go next I sat next to this Indian.He was a little drunk.Probably why started talking to me.
"Hey why you come here I can spot tourist a mile away."
"Just wanted to see the area I read so much about."
"There is nothing here all gone the day of the crash to underground base in Ohio of all places."
"How you know so much about this stuff."
"I was a guard at Dulce under ground base mountain.The things I saw would turn your stomach.I stay for five years until one day left the area hoping to forget what I saw."Turned back to his drink.
Maybe I was just stupid or wanted aventure.Wasn' I in a war and been in the den hells angels with my brother in law.Just to see the nasty life.Adventure that was me I always got away unharmed.
"Look my name is Steve whats yours."
"Ed Eagle boy."
"Take me there and I make worth you while.Five hundred dollars for a tour."
"Are you crazy ,you get close they take you in never to come out alive."He turned back to his drink."No."
"A thousand we just get close enough to entrance for some pictures to put on the internet."
"A thousand its your funeral.Tomarrow out front of this bar."Then he left.
I thought he won't show all drunk talk.Oh I am important I was guard at this secret base.I finshed my drink went to my motel room.As I drove back I could swear there was a car following me.Crap its just a small town and I went to bed.
The next I had breakfeast at McDonalds and then rushed over to the bar.There he was standing in front of an old Ford truck.
"I didn't you'd show Steve.Five hundred in advance."
"Okay."I paid thinking he'll get in his truck split someplace other then Dulce.
I looked around and there was car from last night with two men inside wearing suits.Looking at the newspaper.Suits in this area huh,I wonder.
"Follow me we go to my brother place on the reservation for safety.They don't go there .Only at night to steal cows and then drop off all cut up with organs missing.My brother has pictures been on the internet."
"Yes I seen such pictures."
"I have lived a long life.The money can go to my brother if don't return."
"Thanks for scaring me for breakfeast."
"Follow me."He drove towards Dulce and I knew that at least I would get there.
I looked out rear mirror and the car was following us or it would seem.After an hour and it was still there.I was getting nervous.Then it passed me and one man took my picture without trying to hide his actions.
Oh shit I thought but it made it all more compelling.Maybe true after all.But they had my picture.THey would find I had a top secret cleanse at one time in the Army.Maybe that still meant something.
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Old 07-17-2014, 01:02 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default cattle Missing in the Night

It was 322 miles from Roswell and I guess Ed thought he was safe.But they had him streaked out.
The town has 900 people not counting the Apache Reservation.One motel and few stores.Hardly what a top secret base would be.I mean all those people that work at he base couldn't live here.Have to be in the mountain itself.
We pulled into to town a few faces looking at my car following ED's truck and they knew something was up.It could only be one thing.So much for a low profile.
The mountain itself is located on the Indian Reservation.A road was built in 1947 around the mountain under the cover a lumber mill.Many heavy pieces of equipment were transported there.A tunnel machine was brought in.THe road was later destroyed and brought back to look as it never excessed.No lumber ever came this supposed mill.
Ed's brother Peter Eagle Boy live on a run down ranch with a few cows and pigs and chickens.His wife Star Eagle Boy was in her 60s as her husband.
I came in with Ed and introduces myself as wanting a story for the internet.
We all sat his kitchen table and Star brought a box full of pictures.
"Look heres my proof.See my cattle they steal in the night drop back with eys cut out and sex organs missing.They don't offer to buy them ,just steal."
"Yes if they brought the cattle it would admit there was a base."Ed said.
"I went to the Police in town.They go" what can I do the CIA runs thngs you know that as well as I do."The police chief said.
"I went to net works 20-20 they came and I showed the pictures on tv and still nothing.I have few cows left.In bring them in the barn now every night."
"The black helicopters come out every night to look for people getting to close," offer Star.
"I want to break this wide open and get as close as possible.But they followed us from Roswell.They had him in site.But as long as he was drunk he was not taken seriously by the locals I feel."I said.
"No more drinking I will get us both close.But we must go inside to really to prove that it excess."
"Inside.........I want to but how can we without getting caught."
"I know how the exit for the space ships is wide and hidden but theres blind spots.It is the top level."
There are 7 levels to base.
Level 1:security and communications
Level 2:Human staff housing
Level 3:Execs and labs
Level 4:Mind control and experiments
Level 5:Alien Housing
Level 6:genetic experiments
Level 7: Cyogenic storage
An elevator runs in the middle splitting each floor.The helicopters and space craft are on the top floor with a open run way.The trees and bushes the cover the opening and are on a moving platfoam.They open when they take off and closes, these trees are fake as well as the bushes.

"You know all this and they let you live."
"As you say I was a drunk.Never was on the last two floors a lot of bad stuff.I heard screams sometimes.I wanted to go down and investigate but they wouldn't allow any security down there."

That night about 3 in the morning I was awoken by the sound of helicopter .I looked out the window and two men were taking a cow out of the barn.I got up and banged on Peters door.
"Peter wake they taking a cow out of the barn."
"What ......ok let me get some clothes on. Take my shot gun by the back door."
I raced to the door with my camera in hand and strong flash.They had a harness on the the cow and were pulling it up.I took my camera and shot the picture of a cow and helicopter,
the men were already in the chopper.Four good good pictures I got.They flew off not giving me a second thought as I thought.But that wasn't the case.

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Old 07-17-2014, 05:11 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170

The next day I showed everyone what I got on digial camera.You could see the cow being lifted by the black helicopter.Men looking down at me taking there picture.
"You got something there but it looks they spotted you."Peter pointed to men looking down.
"I should rush to this the internet or newspaper."
"Pictures can be faked with computer tech,"Ed entered."No we have to get inside and take pictures and then run to tv networks.
I desided to go to town and get some provisions for hike in land.I went to general store much like 7-11 only bigger.I got energy bars and lighters and cigarettes.I figure what the hell might as well a smoke if they catch me.God knows what terrible things they do to us.Bottled water and bottled coffee drink to stay up all night if I had to.
Outside I started for my car when the two men I saw in the car came over to me.
I had my camera around my neck and tried to take it off as they approached.
"We'll take that and they took it off my neck.Lets see fake pictures.I'll just clear those for you wouldn't want you to get into trouble with fake pictures."
"Say what you nosiing around here for,"said one of men."Nosiy people sometimes just disappear."
"Well I wouldn't want that would I ."
"Ed Eagle boy he's a drunk.Can't really depend on what he says."
"People hiking in that mountain and they just disappear.They fall on the steep rocks."
I walked back to my car and drove to indian reservation.Peter and Ed were standing outside.
"THey destroyed my pictures two suit guys."
"Yes I figured as much.HP is coming out with a new form of computer.Light travelong on fiber optics.You know the Roswell crashed space had in 1947.
They are letting things go little by littled.
"Think they would kill us Ed."
"Maybe not but they used in one of there experiments you'd wish you dead."
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Old 07-18-2014, 06:27 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default The Hike

Ed had a map of the area of the mountain.Spread out on the table Peter and Star also stood as Ed pointed things out.
"They have infra red senser in this area the front but not in the back to steep only crazy people like us would climb ha ha.That is where the tunnel landing strip is for helicopters and light space craft."
"If they are just light ones they couldn't travel half across the galaxy."I offered.
"The dark side of the moon is where the mother ships are and there base since the fortys.Two kinds the greys and the reptilians.Look like gaint bugs but smart.THere hands they have changed to be more like humans over many periments at the base many generation and test tube babys.Taking our dna and joining theres.How many of our people had to dy doing that."
"How can our government allow this to happen."I said feeling angered.
"HP all of sudden they have this new technology.Since the fortys we have an edge over other countries."Ed commented with a wave of his hand."I couldn't take I left and drank to forget.But now I want to do something.This madness must stop."
Peter pointed to a staring point."Better travel at night,I think two nights to get there sleep during the day."

THe next night we were off with Peter dropping us off near the mountain.I looked up and I thought are you crazy Steve.I mean what are you not a reporter.Just some guy who loves danger to feel alive.Well this time maybe I bite off more than I could chew.Trying to avoid odd angled rocks was tuff at night and I fell a few times until Ed cut me a walking stick from a tree.That was better.The black helicopters flew over head not spotting us.
Now near the starting of the long hike up steep cliffs.Ed reached for a hand hold and it gave way and I caught him."Hey buddy don't die on me . I don't where I'm going."
"I'll try not to die until we get there,"he said with a laugh.
Daylight came and we found some bushes and a tree on a out crop on the side of the mountain.We laid our one blanket each over the small rocks.It was ruff but we very tired and soon went to sleep.
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Old 07-20-2014, 07:46 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default day two

Through the day we slept like a rock we were on.When the sun started to go down we had energy bars and coffee out of bottles.We edged upward.The shear climb made me more afraid of falling then being caught at this time.I would look down and start to shake.
"Don't look Steve come on we are going to this for all those poor people they caught and experimented on."Ed bravely said.
Oh great something to look forward to being used as a monkey.God why ....why do I get myself into these things.I wanted to say Ed stop lets go back down.But everytime I looked down I was more afraid of that.By the middle of the night we could see the helicopters come and go.My first space ship as well.A small triangle shaped thing that made no sound but just edged out and then like a bat out hell took off and then disappeared so fast you wonder,did I really see that.THe choppers would use search lights on the other side of mountain looking for people but not on our side."I know you'd have to be stupid."I yelled.
"Ya stupid."Ed replied.
Finally it was about dawn and we had come as close we could without being inside.The fake gates would open and close with no sign of guards.
"They can't really be out there the space ship blast would kill them with radiantion."
"How about us."
"We go after the choppers go.They have automatic have cleaning sprays after each space ship goes."Then he pointed out."Its getting light out again.Tomarrow night we go in.I brought two of my guard uniforms with me.Also a couple of razors to clean up with.At least at first when they see us they won't give a second thought but going to the lower floors you need a badge.Can't use my old one."
"Hey we will figure as we go."I offered.
"Man that's what like about always gota plan."He laughed.
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Old 07-22-2014, 06:04 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170

Through out the day I didn't sleep much and kept looking at the gate.During the day it was quiet and those fake bushes and trees from even close as we were looked real.
Now would be a good time for a cigarette and lite one up,That woke Ed up and he joined me smoking thinking this may be our last.Believe me it wasn't long enough.So we got dressed in the uniforms and shaved and combed our hair.
Nightfall approached and we could hear the helicopters inside waiting for the big gates to open.
So we slow climbed down to the gates and they opened up with load banging sound.When we were, this close the door must have been 20 storys high.That alone I would turn away from Ed and make an expression OH MY GOD in slience.
The thunder of the helicopters in bay of the shed of the mountain was deafening.Then they started taking off one by one.
IT reminded of those old days.But I snapped out of it.

"OkAY that's the last one run like hell for the opening on left side."
We ran and stumbled and almost lost our footing as we raced to be beat the gate closing again.It was a imazing for such a large gates could move so fast.
"Ed we aren't going make it."I yelled.
"Today is good day to die but not here.Keep you white ass moving man we can make it."Ed shouted.
Bang we got in just as the doors closed.
There were lights everywhere on the high ceiling.We seemed as ants on large flat rock.I looked from one side to other.It was at least 4 football fields wide.I hugged the granite stone walls that seem unusally smooth almost like plastic.THere were lights running down the middle of the runway.Huge gates were separated by granite stone walls .For the helicopters and the space ships on the other side.
"You see that gate on the left .We have to run for that across the runway.It still is half open but closing as if a space might want to leave from the other side.
I was breathing hard I quit smoking years ago but old damage was still there.But I moved forward and we got into the helo storage and take off.There was so many people running around out there two more would not be noticed.People yelling "I need the part or He isn't signed off for this mission."Government work not the best and not the worst but most expensive.
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Old 07-23-2014, 02:33 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170

There must have been about 50 helicopters in the bay some being worked on . Pilots and crew coming and going to and from choppers.They were armed with mini guns and a few rockets.But mostly to scare rather then fight a battle.All crews dressed in black fatiques with no rank of any sort.
The walls were granite as well and went very high.Tools on wheeled carts and storage area for parts for the choppers and electric golf carts that seemed everywhere.Guards where milling about and they carrying only pistols as side arms.THey did have badges that flash against the elevators for entrance.
"See theres a locker room for the guards over there.If we stay out in the open to long someone my come over."Ed said as he moved quickly towards to locker area.
Inside guards were taking showers and leaving there clothes on a bench or there lockers open.Quickly Ed grabed a couple hats and two badges from Guards who were obviously off duty."Sloppy they never had anyone in the complex before since I was working.To our advantage.Gives us a few hours before they call in about there missing badges.They stay on the top floor and only down stair for duty."
So out in the bay once more we now looked more the part.No noticed as we walked over to the elevator.I took a few pictures with my small digital camera.Then hurriedly put it away.The elevator went up the middle of each floor.Inside we were alone.Then push the bottle for the second floor.Which ws Human staff housing for the entire complex workers tech and doctors and enginers.Hundreds of people coming and going on and off duty.They were allowed to leave only when there contract was over many times a three year period.Never to reveal any part of this under ground base under pently of death or worse death of a family member.Guards milled about looking for disturbances.
I took pictures of the long hallway.Cut in circle of 24 feet with the bottom flat.Next was the Execs and labs.they would be a little harder to gang all excess.So we approached the elevator hit scan and the door open.With two other guards also getting in.They looked at us and smiled and so did we .I was starting to get nervous didn't want it to show.Finallly the door open.Wall stepped out and the two other guards went to there left so we desided to go to our right.
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Old 07-25-2014, 11:11 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170

The wallway went for miles in both directions level three.Labs and exective offices.People in white lab coats and office workers passing each other.THen a grey I almost freaked."Ed its a grey god damn it."He was four tall looking down at some paper work walking passed people.A skin tight uniform of with no apparent buttons or zippers."He's coming this way."
"Keep your mind on something else but him.They can read minds.None shut up keep walking."
The grey stopped two feet in front of us and looked up."I haven't seen you two beford."He thought transported.
"Cause we are new."Ed offered.
Another looked and then he passed us by.
"How am I going to get some pictures for proof."
"Over most labs they have viewing loafs above for other scientist to watch.Its not uncommon for guards to go in look at times.
So one of the labs was having a open experiment.we went up to the viewing area there just a few attending.We got next to the glass and away from the others.Down below was appeared to a family of four laying on operating tables.Fullily clothed with sleeves pulled up.
"We putting live alien crystals inside each subject arms.That transpont signals to alien equipment of there location at all times.She can use them for further experiments on birth and our ability to change there mind to our control.Which is the next step to next floor.Then they will be released back in there homes this very night without there being aware of there absents."
THe family the father and mother looked about 35 or so and the children a girl 15 maybe and boy 11 or so.THere eyes stared straight ahead and when the crystal put in they didn't even flinch.
I held the camera waist high and started taking pictures.Turning to look a round a noticed the others were almost half asleep.THen I returned to take somemore.Putting the camera away as Ed pulled me to leave.
At the exit an reptile came in.He stood as tall as me a hard outer shell much like an ant but his hands were like humans.Two big black eyes and beke for a mouth.
"Step aside useless guards.Get out of my way did I miss this."
He pushed passed us and he did not read minds but his mouth to speak."THis makes me mad.Doctor you must inform so I have enough time to attend ,"He said threw the intercom.
The doctor walked over to the intercom and held the switch down."I posted the time.Can't wait for every tom dick or harry."
"THis is an insult.I am the senior lab doctor from planet xeast.You will keep me imformed or I will have you fired or worst."
"Don't make statements you can't back up."
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Old 07-28-2014, 06:49 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default Level 6

Many experiments were going on in the level.Mixing human eggs with alien sperm.From the Greys who lost the ablity to reproduce.A dying planet they have been here for thousands of years.Making trips back and forth.Through time portal.The bending of time and space itself thus taking a very short time between planets.Apparently many failures this last few seem closer.Human body with large black eyes and slim bodies.But still they obsorb a liquid through there skin like the greys.Until they can eat like humans they can't mix with humans and have there eyes human like as well.THey were able to talk with there mouth.Also read minds and trans portal thought waves.
We over heard two greys talking."Finally we have the human copies.They also eat human baby food."
"I must see on level 6."
"Go take guards with you in case the Reptiles bother you."
"You two accompany me at this moment."
We followed to the elevator and got in by passing the alien quarters going to level 6.The doors open and in tanks babies were being developed at many stages.Some where being feed milk from human mothers keep there for human contact with grey women looking on.
Yes the new ones looked like us and I knew our planet was finally in trouble.What would they take over get rid of all humans and replace us with them.Having the greys a rulers.But the reptiles had other ideas as they stood in the corner taking notes.They also had tanks with half human and half reptile.They were a horrible site.Human heads reptile bodies and human hands with a tail.God have mercy if they took over.
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Old 07-28-2014, 10:30 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default Killing

We were at level 6 for awhile now and was getting worried that the guards may realized there badges were gone.But I didn't know how to leave without the greys being upset.We were there protection against the reptiles who looked dangerous at all times.
One came over to the greys."You show your weakness by trying to look like these animals.We have improved on species while retaining our reptile image.We are not ashamed,just improving.You show that your image is shameful."
"We were them.We colonized this planet when only apes roamed this earth.But back the elders where not happy when these human bodies and making the head larger and more intelligent while sacrificing the body to become weak over many centuries until we were a DYING RACE."He turned back to the glass filled water full of babied."What is your excuse."
"Be careful little man we have conquered many worlds this is just one more.But even we need improvement on our bodies."Then he pushed the grey to the floor.
"Guards do your duty.Don't just stand there."
"Shit,'I said.Then pulled my gun."Man I don't need this."
Ed pulled his as well."Just calm buddy."He said the reptile."Step back."
"You don't pull a gun on me.I am war load from the planet Xeas."Then he pulled a lazer pistol out and fired at the Grey Killing him.
Ed shot the reptile in the chest but bullet bounced off.
The reptile turned to Ed shotting him in the Head killing him.
I shot the Reptile in his human like head and he fell over.
The grey women like on with horror and human women as well ,then one of the Grey ran to an alarm bell and the red lights started flashing and I ran for the elevator.
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