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Old 07-14-2014, 07:14 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
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Default Guard duty boobie trap and live fire

Once a month I had to pull night guard duty.I was a spec 5 same as seargent.So I check on the outposts and walk the boobie traps the next morning.
We had star light scopes but they were big and only on the towers the line dug outs where visional.At night that was really nothing.
Main guard shack.There was an officer usually a low ranking one.Myself and radio man that's all to keep them out.
"Warrant officer sir I'm getting word from the tower they see what looks like VC crawling through the wires."
"Steve go out and check the wires in the west section,"take a walky talky and report back."
I go shit man I don't need this stuff.Just call an air strike in.But know I had to check.Man I'll never make it home alive.First I had to call out without yelling guard post 7 so they wouldn't shoot me.
"Hey this steve I'm coming in," and I did a low walk into the post.I could smell weed."Put that shit out you idiots."
"Sorry searg. ain't been no action for weeks.We get bored man."
"Keeps us alert ," another one said.
"Keeps you alert my ass.Theres about half dozen VC crawling in the wires now."I motion to both men."Grab your stuff and follow me."
So we hugged the ground and got up and ran to one position to another until we were at the wires on our side.I held up my hand to be quiet and to lay low.
I saw shadows.In wire was grendas with trip wires and claymore mines and land mines spread in different areas.When I walked the wire in the morning I had to go with the guy to set all of them to avoid getting killed myself.
Clip I heard of trip wire being cut.
"Set the claymores off searg,"one guard whispered.
"I can't they are control by guard shack.I'd have use my walky talky and they would know we are here."
"Shit man,what we suppose to do just start firing in the dark."
Bang a land mine goes up.Then one guard stands up starts firing.Then the other.Bullets flying everywhere.They start firing back hit one of guys falls back bleeding like crazy.
"Get down you nut but keep firing."I call in "Sir being hit down here call for the air ships."
So a few minutes here comes a corba shooting his mini guns and we are just feet from these guys.They are firing at us and now shoot up at the chopper.
I thought this corba is going hit us thinking we are the VC.I was praying "Oh god Let me live and be good boy."
My other guys was still firing.
"Stop firing you want to draw the chopper at us."
"Shit serg,look at those tracers from the mini gun looks like lazer beam."
Huh huh and the shell were poring down on our heads.After a few passes all was quiet.The heathly guard and I picked up the wounded man carrying back to guard shack.A few minutes later a medic was there and we went to back to the guard post .I stayed there the rest of the night.
The next day Johnson the boobie trap guy and I went out to see what was left.About five VC dead and they were loaded with plastic explosive and AK47s.We had to carry them out one by one while avoiding the live boobie traps.
The guard that got hit in the chest and was sent to Danag hospital.Where I heard he was later sent home because he only had two months let on his tour.
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