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Old 07-14-2014, 12:51 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
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Default Shooting back

When they shipped me up north I was 20 miles from the DMZ.We got hit almost everyday or night.Usually 5 am to wake up by.With morter rounds.I would go to the helo pad where every type and shape chopper would be coming and going.
The Marines where also station there at one end of the base.I think we fought them more sometimes.They were always pissed off about there equipment not as good as ours.There barrack had dirt floors where we had plywood.
At the nco club where we both would be on our off hours.If you didn't get in a fight started by a Marine that was drunk you were lucky.
My pilot was on uppers all the time and I don't think slept much if at all.Always wanted to alert.
We would get shot at everytime.I was getting pissed.So I started talking my rifle with me.M14s where the old ones.They had 20 round clip and on full auto could scare most people as the bullets could go through most jungle trees.
Zing bing thud.They were reall getting close."Captain dive on those mother fuckers."
"Are you crazy?"He looked over at me."YOU wanta get killed."
"Captain just go a little lower and I'll shot out the window.We get close then turn this baby sideways."I pulled back the slide and took off the safety.
Captain took it down within range of my gun ."Okay Steve here we go.
He turned the plane sideways.
I started shooting into the trees full auto let the clip fall out of the plane and put another one in and let it fly.By then they were all surprise but then started shooting back.Zing ping ,one bullet came in the cabin and landed just over the captains head in the other door way."Crap that's it."Then he turned back up and and head for the hight.
Well the news got around and soon I was called into the CO.S office.
"What you think your doing .YOu want to shoot at people I make you a doorgunner.You know how many choppers we lose.crews almost never make it alive."
"I was just mad.No I don't want to be a doorgunner."
"Better never happen again ,now get out of here."
As I was living his office I could hear him laugh.
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