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Old 12-31-2012, 07:39 PM
Lightbeam Lightbeam is offline
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Default Spiritual machine

Personally it doesnít matter to me who combined my DNA together or where they came from or what purpose they had in mind when they did it. The beauty and history of form life is fascinating but the SOURCE breathing life into form is, for me, of primary interest and Iíll explain why.

The human form is hard wired but the life that dwells within form is not. The inherent intelligence of the form, the forms programmed intelligence, responds according to its programming revealing a distinctive individuality that is reflective of the program; frequencies or tones that are distinctive to the intelligence and identity of the form. The ego, or machine intelligence oversees, responds to, and protects that which it identifies as itself in accordance with the level of its intelligence and the knowledge base inherent to its form and to the knowledge it perceives and manifests in response to its life as an intelligent manifested life form. That is intelligent machinery, artificial light, but the machinery is not necessarily indicative of the quality and full capability of the underlying source of its life, the true light, that indwells and powers the machine mentality being expressed and utilized.

When and if the machine intelligence, personality enters the birthing state of awakening by way of its expanding intelligence and experience its form begins to sound a tone or frequency that wakens the soul or higher self within the machine mentality so as to begin the process of transformation or ascension. The indwelling soul will oversee the form, assimilate the ego, attune the personality and all the manifested knowledge or solidified intelligence factors of the soul that the ego protected and experienced within form, transforming the knowledge and intelligences factors manifested as the darkness, or shadow of artificial light, back into true light. The process of breathing life in and out of form enables the creation of life forms that birth and plant intelligence, or light, within the darkness of differentiated form expressions thus perpetuating existence and life forms that are capable of conscious awareness and evolutionary growth. The life that indwells and utilizes form does not change but the expressions utilized by Source do.

The goal of form life, conscious intelligence, is to free itself from the boundaries of the form that gave birth to it; to waken and attune its livingness to the SOURCE that is eternal life.
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