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Old 09-28-2012, 08:36 PM
Basia Basia is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2012
Location: J
Posts: 204
Default Mother-Goddess Full Moon

Dear Hearts

“The Full Moon of September 29-30 occurs in mid-sidereal Pisces. It conjoins Pallas and Uranus a few hours before. The Full Moon conjoins Uranus by 1°, thus with the same Algenib theme as the new Earth-Uranus synodic cycle.”

This Full Moon will be 13.20” in Pisces and Sun will be 13.20” in Virgo as in true sidereal position. It’s a first Full Moon after Equinox and I feel guided to share with you this information why this Full Moon is Celebration of Ceres, Mother Earth and woman.

As I felt guided today to find this information you can read below


Here is English Translation of this article I found today on internet.

Mama Quilla, mother-goddess of fertility in the Quechua worldview.

20 agosto 2010 — Guillermo Llerena Cano

The Moon has been the timeless and universal symbol that has represented women in the beliefs of all civilizations on the planet. For primitive man the moon was the natural symbol of the feminine essence, in contrast to the male essence of sun considered. The close connection between many female fertility rituals and the moon is revealed by its association with a symbolic reference to the female reproductive organs to pregnancy and childbirth.

In coastal and Andean civilizations of pre-Hispanic America to the moon worship was widespread, although it is clear that not all cases were recorded ceremonial rites or symbolized, and many others took forms and manifestations confusing.

In Inca cosmology, the moon mother (Mama Quilla), sister and wife of Father Sun (Taita Inti) was the guardian and protector of all manifestations and feminine aspects of the universe Quechua. Changes to the star said during his orbital cycle resulted in a lunar calendar governing various aspects of the Andean universe and operated in parallel to the solar calendar. Specifically, the Moon and its phases indicate periods of high fertility of the earth (Mama Pacha) and exercised direct influence on fertility of women.

The cult of Mama Quilla was preserved, participated and celebrated exclusively by women. The priestesses of the Moon belonged to the elite women Cusco, were very numerous and had a main temple in Qorikancha. These priestesses wore long gray robes and mantles of the same hue, covered his head with a thick white wool cap and wore silver earrings which emitted a metallic sound that warned her presence to the men, who were forbidden to look at them.

The priestesses of the moon were known as great healers and wise women too, knew the secrets of plants and witches were very busily, usually their oracles announcing disaster and calamities, so the moon was revered with great fear of difference Sun was worshiped with joy.

In the tenth month of the calendar Inca, Coya Raymi (September), at the beginning of the rainy season - the spring equinox – the first night’s new moon, was carried out Quillamama Raymi, a celebration in honor to the moon, a special festival for women.

The festival began in Qorikancha temple on the altar of the Moon, then continued with a walk and silent night to Saqsaywaman there in the temple of Mama Quilla, torches were lit with flashes lit the night sky reflected by source silver, then they would vibrate thin sheets of silver emitted a sound that broke the silence to call attention to the moon. Essences and perfumes were burned, and it spilled water with aromatic oils and thrown into the sky reflected in water, combs, mirrors, needles, ornaments of silver filigree women and miniaturized, also burned in open fires flame white wool and fine clothing for women.

At the present province of Anta department of Cuzco – Peru, located at 3,600 m. is the sanctuary of Quillarumiyoc (the moonstone) that is considered the only archaeological ceremonial center dedicated to women.

Quillarumiyoc occupies a large area of terrace built in the style of Sacsayhuaman, Chincheros and the tops of Ollantaytambo (ancient sacred sites located in Cuzco). The Huaca or a stone replica of Apu (sacred mountain) is a symbol carved on one of the larger rocks and represents an ancient temple dedicated to the divinity of the essence and expression of the feminine principle.

Within the universal concept of lunar mythology, Mama Quilla the connection is what gives the Quechua woman secrets of magic, charm, beauty, strength of the invisible, the knowledge of cycles and feminine wisdom; also reminds its instability and vulnerability. Is it the Andean women who made offerings to ask for protection for girls, new mothers and newborn.


See in this picture the traditional Inka calendar Full Moon celebrations and New Moon Solar agricultural calendar. I saw this originally first time last year in Coricancha Sun temple in Cusco. Had only few pictures not good quality, today was able to find this great photo on internet.

This brings me to my post I written and shared in 2006 in Corridor of light website.

Posted 12 November 2006 :
In the beginning of 2006 my friend Lucia bought a crystal and after meditating with it she had vision of Goddess Ceres. Lucia has strong sensitivity and is very much in tune with all aspects of Ceres.

Lucia said that the image of Ceres she saw looks very much like the actress Kate Blanchet, except that Ceres hear is kind of tied up.

In May 2006 Ceres told me in meditation to eat 3 pomegranate fruits that she show me in Buddhist temple & exactly 3 fruits were on that bush when I went there. Ceres also told us to meditate on first Full Moon after equinox in October.

Last month on 7 October we had a meditation with Ceres in my home and it was last meditation in that place and soon after I had been guided to leave that home and the past attachments behind and move to live in country site in Cootamundra.

This Saturday I went to Lucia to meditate together again.

We talk and Lucia wanted to show me her garden but I decline. I have seen her garden before but not recently. Than Lucia brought the crystals and we meditated. As soon as I was getting in trans state my left arm was frozen and felt pressure on top of my head. That’s how I know when some energy wants to talk to me so I started mental conversation with Ceres.

She said that she was known as many representations as Mother Nature as creator and many others but she said 'I am also manifesting'. She said that she would help me manifest my abundance.
She told me what to do today at precise time but she asks me for now not to reveal that. She said she would tell me when to share that 'secret'. Plant 6 seeds.

She said that she has a gift for anyone who may want to grow in abundance.

She said to plant a seed this weekend and allow it to grow. A physical seed put in the earth. Keep it near say in your room or other suitable place and allow it the sun and rain. As the seed will grow so will our abundance be manifested.

Ceres ask me why I did not go to Lucia’s garden as she said "I have a gift there for you'. Than Lucia was also channelling Ceres and she said that woman are now getting in power but she warn to stay true to feminine and not become masculine.

After our meditation we shared our visions and Lucia said that she wants to give me this big special beans she was growing in the garden. I said maybe that’s what Ceres wants me to grow, than thought come about movie 'Jack and the bean stalk' and we laugh about the golden eggs he gets at the end.

Because was late I promised Lucia to come today and see her garden and take the gift from Ceres garden and plant this seeds. And when Ceres will allow me I will reveal her secret, I personally don’t like secrets and I am the one who can not keep secret as I like to share so perhaps she is testing me on this one too.

So I thought that it would be just perfect for all of us to plant our seeds and maybe choose a plant name same as we chosen heart name.

For some reason I feel to associate myself for now with beans so this is what I plant in our Living Garden of Abundance. Loving you.

Luvulite - Goddess Basia - Compassionate Humble Heart
Daughter & Son of RA - Radiating & Sharing Love & Light
Guided by Goddess Ceres to Grow Pomegranates & Beans

Last edited by Basia : 09-28-2012 at 08:43 PM.
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Old 09-30-2012, 12:32 AM
Basia Basia is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2012
Location: J
Posts: 204
Default Lavender Flower of Ceres (Lovender)

Dear Hearts

My friend Lucia and I had meditation today at the time of Full Moon.

After meditation Lucia channeled "Ceres" who spoke some messages to me.

But what I really liked when Lucia later described that today Ceres was wearing long dress in pale violet colour and instead of wheat in her hands as Lucia saw her before today Ceres had a bunch of Lavender flowers.

So I share with you this website about LAVENDER -that is a flower symbol for this Full Moon. If you come across some information about Lavender flowers please share.
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Last edited by Basia : 09-30-2012 at 12:38 AM.
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