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Old 08-21-2011, 12:08 PM
Brit Brit is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 3,044
Default Timothy Good 8-24-11

Shirley's guest on Aug 28th is Timothy Good, the author of "Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up", "Beyond Top Secret" and his latest is called "Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence".

Timothy is an old friend and a wealth of information. I'm sure you'll find this an interesting program.


Brit Elders
CEO - ShirleyMacLaine.com
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Old 08-24-2011, 08:56 PM
ban ban is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 4,294,967,287
Cool ET/Government/Military – and all that stuff

I am reading Paul Hellyer’s book “Light at the End of the Tunnel” and he has a lot of information in there about ET’s and their interaction, sharing of information with the US government (shadow and otherwise)..

There’s something I don’t understand. Dr. Michael Wolf – who is supposed to be one of the people who has worked with “the Cabal” and has come forward with information says Area 51 is huge and has civilians working there – and martial law etc – supposedly there’s a big pool and great food– and ET scientists come and stay in luxury apartments while visiting.

The question I have is – what the heck are they doing there? The ET scientists, I mean. How in the world are they helping anyone “ordinary” when they are feeding the military technological secrets – working with them? And what is this supposed policy of non-interference if they’re there doing that? Seems like that is interfering to me.

Aside from that – why is Wolf credible – or any of the people who have worked with these shadow powers? Why did they come forward? How do we know that their memories haven’t been manufactured? Isn’t that something the government/CIA can do?

I keep reading on the one hand that the ETs are here to help – and that they want us to remember we are spiritual – no problem – and I can understand them sharing technological info before they figured out what jerks the people who they are sharing the information with are – because I would understand if they backed off (the ETs). But it sounds from Wolf’s description of Area 51 that there’s ET scientists having a great big old party in Area 51 – working happily along side the people who are not particularly pro anyone but themselves. Nice. And on top of that – the great pool and great food . . . .and I haven’t had a vacation for over a decade!. Not liking these ETs very much at this point!

And, att this point I’m thinking ET’s are sort of psychologically (as far as understanding humans goes) relationally retarded or something. They don’t seem to care how the ordinary citizen of the earth is affected by what they do – I mean they are giving the powers that be technology that supposedly included computer chips and lasers and correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t those used in weapons? And that this would happen, in my opinion, should have been a no brainer.

Right about now I think ETs are really overrated. I’m not saying they aren’t nice – and maybe some aren’t nice –like people – and I’m sure they have better technology – but I’m beginning to think they are missing something like emotional intelligence human wise or something. Because the story, so far, doesn’t make sense to me. But then they are aliens so who knows what they are thinking!

From my human perspective I could see that working with the government makes them feel like they’ve got it under control – so maybe they are working on many fronts like with crop circles and just handing out enough “shiny toys” to the government/military to keep them happy.

The thing is some of this technology, like zero point energy – that’s stuff Tesla was staring into at the turn of the last century 1900’s! And if we hadn’t gone all weirdly consumeristic and militaristic maybe we would have figured all of this out ourselves. Maybe we are getting information from them that we would have known had we taken other paths – and they are here “fixing” our timeline –correcting it so we don’t blow it up!

Because Wolf also said that a crazy military cabal is shooting down UFOs and torturing them so that they don’t stop them (the cabal) from getting what they want –world power or something – and if that’s true – then are they sacrificing themselves too? Because why would they help those people who are torturing them? It only makes sense to me if they are working on many fronts and in that case, I can understand the technology sharing – and it’s not so much nice as strategy and getting us back where we could have been had people way back when not made some very twisted choices.

I’m looking forward to this interview- Hellyer’s book made me understand the situation a lot better (ok, that wasn’t hard I didn’t understand it at all – but his book is very informative) and I know there’s a lot more to learn. For one – I need to learn how to read faster - I’ve just got so many books lined up and each one mentions another. I would think it was a conspiracy but I think it’s more like synchronicity or just plain fun.

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Old 08-27-2011, 11:06 AM
ShirleyMac ShirleyMac is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 1,136

I wanted to remind you about tomorrow's show and ask you to visit our sponsor, Crystals, Rocks and Gems: http://www.crystalsrocksandgems.com...eyMacLaine.html
Crystals, Rocks and Gems has an amazing selection of products!

Timothy is quite a fascinating man and should have much to share with us!
Love & Light,
Shirley & Terry & Buddy Bub & Trixie Harmony
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Old 08-27-2011, 01:27 PM
monti1980 monti1980 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2011
Location: l
Posts: 220
Default thanks

I have looking for place to buy some healing crystals so glad you mentioned them. I will sure give them a try. thanks again for the heads up. monti
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Old 09-29-2011, 08:50 PM
ban ban is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 4,294,967,287
Cool The 100 year plan - not just imaginary I'm sure!

Two points about this interview stuck out for me –

1. That aliens are just like us
2. And that since 1940 there’s been a plan to make people more easily controlled. Part of that plan might include alien hybrids.

1. The over riding feeling I got from this interview was that aliens are just like us. There’s some nice ones and some not so nice ones. They have differences in cultures – some seem to be more heirarchical (greys) and some not so much (possibly Pleiadians).

I’m not sure why this idea solidified in me over the course of this inteview. In his book “unearthly Disclosures”, Timothy Good writes at the end: “Whatever the threat posed by certain alien species, I believe we have much more to fear from our own kind.”

So maybe I got the feeling I did because I was picking up on his attitude towards extraterrestrials.

In anycase, I think he’s right. It might seem that we might fear aliens – but it’s really humans we have to fear. They might be interacting with aliens – but it seems as if the aliens need their help and are possibly more afraid of us. Good says in “Unearthly Disclosures” that the grays don’t have power very far from their ships.

This actually makes me wonder if they are even from this dimension. I used to think dimensional differences would be obvious – but I have a friend who has seen beings from other dimensions that I have just sensed, clear as day. She says she is convinced that she could walk up to them and touch them – which is sort of wild since I don’t even see them. This friend, by the way, is not into this kind of thing and is very down to earth –

If the grays aren’t from this dimension (this dimension being the one where people would see the people all the time – not just some times) then it reminds me of what David Icke said about the aliens. He said that grays were controlled by reptilians – and the reptilians wanted to suck our souls energy.

So, it seems that there could be some aliens in another dimension who have been working with the military/government – and they want to control us as much as the humans in this dimension do – or at least the humans in this dimension would have no problem selling us off to be controlled.

I think the aliens from the other dimension would need the human help because Icke said that they could not easily contact humans – the human had to have become somehow psychologically open to this – not just open to the idea – but somehow altered so that they would be “easy pickings”.

Which brings me to the next point –

2. The 100 year plan to create more easily controlled humans (possibly passive hybrid

If the aliens are not from a different dimension (the crashes could show that they were from other dimensions – or possibly that they have craft which let them travel to our dimension – which would explain not being able to go too far from their ships) then we still end up with humans working with some extraterrestrials to be able to control people.

SM said she could imagine this scenario – but I don’t think that a person needs to have a good imagination to imagine this. The study of human psychology in order to understand how to persuade or “control” what people think – started in the 1940’s. At least the depth psychology did – the psychology before that based on Freud and developed by his nephew Edward Bernays – started in about 1910.

Depth psychology is a deeper exploration into what makes people do the things they do. Since the 1940’s – exactly the time frame Good mentioned for this 100 year plan to be starting – the media – marketing; movies; public relations etc have used scientists to study human behavior to such a degree that just now scientific studies in universities are catching up to what they know!

This means that everyone has been a subject for the people trying to figure this stuff out for their whole lives. People believe that what they feel/believe/know is their own thoughts – but that is a naïve assumption if they don’t know about everything that has been done to manipulate people through new media – radio/television/the internet etc.

What the consumer capitalist society wanted was to create consumers. Consumer capitalism is not the same thing as production capitalism which believed in hard work; in people having opportunities – consumer capitalism is a capitalism that wants to develop markets so that the big people in charge can sell – pure and simple.

The people in charge of this consumer capitalism learned through scientific studies how and why people would be more easily controlled to buy things. Among other things, people have been encouraged to be less and less intellectual; the food supply has been coopted by drugs – and people are encouraged to form “like groups” – especially on the internet.

There’s three main things that a cult wants from people – the first is to control th food; the second is to discourage thinking; and the third is to isolate themselves from other ideas/people (a like minded group).

All of these things lead make people easily controlled and all of these things have been encouraged and created in our society and continue to be developed. Meanwhile people think they are outside of the system because they break away from one or the other of the obvious things that are under the control of these powers – but their actions aren’t getting them anywhere because there’s more things going on than they can see. It’s a really beautiful, quite brilliant scam.

When people think of control – they think of mindless drones – but that is an illusoin – control means control – a person has control of others if they can get them to act or not to act. I think it’s interesting that people today seem to be either reacting to things – or not reacting and being “spiritual” rising above things. Still, most people are linked pretty strongly to all or some of the things that the powers are doing to get control while at the same time thinking they are outside of the system. They aren’t.

Basically, I think the humans who have created the consumer culture around us – if they are working with aliens – are doing just what the aliens might need to create those dna tweaked hybrids Icke talked about. I’m not sure why they think that they would be left out of the take over – but people can be blind to things – so that could be it.

In anycase, whether one believe in aliens or not – or believes in this plan for domination – the fact is the human element is without dispute. It is real and it does exert great control over people – and the beauty is – people don’t know it or would deny it

As Timothy Good says – we have to fear the humans – not the aliens – they are the ones getting people ready for control – whether they or the aliens are the controllers.

PS - Thanks again for the Amazon links - I am going to get the book that is linked on the site here - I think it's the most recent one he wrote. Timothy Good is a really easy read and very interesting.
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