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Old 09-04-2011, 01:56 PM
debabbott debabbott is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2001
Posts: 6,537

Originally Posted by jordan
Sending all my love and comfort to you and Peggles, and healing for Sean, wether it be healing of his body, or healing of his heart or both.
Please check you private messages.

Thanks, Jordie, I just replied on PM.

Love, Deb
Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
Belief Becomes
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Old 09-04-2011, 02:55 PM
debabbott debabbott is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2001
Posts: 6,537
Default My Heart is Overflowing...

My heart is overflowing from all the loving energies and prayers being sent our way. I am so grateful for each and every one of you in my life who are experiencing this with me. I feel the love so fully and am so grateful for that as it strengthens me. As my dear friend, Boglivia, my multi-dimensional self-guide recently stated, "It is not until we go through situations that calls us to rely on our beliefs, that we truly know that our beliefs are sustainable." And that is what I am experiencing now. I know that life is everlasting and that there really isn't any death but just a transition to another plane of experience.

My son left a note in his billfold - it had his blood on it as if a signature of his being. The blood seems to be so very significant in this lifeplane. As he wrote to his family and friends, he said to me:

"Mom, I love you, and I will see you again, you know that. Don't get down about this, it's my time to move on. Thank you for being you. Love you very much."

And he is still here. Apparently, there is something in his spirit that did not choose to move on right yet. Was this a pre-life agreement? Could it be, a gift for me, this experience to confirm my beliefs for me? That whether in the physical or the spiritual, that the energy of him is everlasting? That is what I am feeling. That is what I have come to believe and now I am experiencing it. I feel him teetering between this existance and another. And it all feels so beautiful. My son has been a teacher for me, in so many ways. And I think that his higher self is coming through for me to take note.

There are always possibilities. He could remain on this earthplane and have some sort of spiritual epiphany for himself and see that he still has a purpose to accommplish here. Or he could leave this plane and go on to other purposes in a different realm. Still his energy will remain solvent. Either way, I am confident that we will always remain connected in a beautiful way. That is the way that I am feeling it. He is teaching me another lesson of what love truly is - acceptance. I love him, no matter what he chooses. And I know that he will always be with me, no matter what. He is teaching me unconditional love. He is teaching me love. Nothing else matters so much as love. That is the only everlasting emotion - love.

As of today, he is in stable condition and facing yet another surgery tomorrow on his right arm and elbow. It has amazed all of us that he is going through these surgeries so well, so there is something in him that is hanging on. As the doctors say, they are working with a miracle.

So, my dear friends, thank you so much for your loving care. The days ahead will certainly show us many new enlightenments, I feel. Thanking you all for being here with me.

And yes, I do realize that when they take him off all the sedatives that he could come to and regret that he is still here and that certainly would be a living hell for him. That is what we are confronting. What will his choice be? I don't know, but I do know that my son is a very spiritual soul. So we will see.

Again, thanking you all so very much.

Love you all, Deb
Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
Belief Becomes
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Old 09-04-2011, 07:49 PM
Cher O's Avatar
Cher O Cher O is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: L
Posts: 586
Default Deb,

You continue to amaze me, my friend.... Love, C.
HAND, Cher O.

My father says almost the whole world is asleep.
Everyone you know, everyone you see, everyone you talk to.
He says that only a few people are awake and
they live in a state of constant total amazement.
...Joe vs. The Volcano
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Old 09-05-2011, 07:24 AM
sisterlura sisterlura is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 636

Dear Deb,

Although we have never met, I can't begin to tell you what a powerful impact this journey that you and Sean are currently on is having on me. Thank you so much for sharing so openly with us here. I am in awe of your strenth, courage, inner wisdom and surrender to what is.

You & Sean are on my mind 24/7 and I keep putting myself in your shoes and wondering: could I EVER be so brave if my son Scott was in the bed instead of Sean? I think not; I pray yes. You are teaching me so much about how to graciously let go of so much .... to accept ... and to use every experience as a learning lesson. THANK YOU FOR THIS.

I pray mightily for your continued strength and guidance in the days ahead, Deb. May peace be - and - stay with you, and may light and love wrap you in snugness.

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Old 09-05-2011, 09:47 AM
OneLight OneLight is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 1969
Posts: 2,231
Default To Sean...

Dear Sean-y,

Although you are not in a position to read this right now, I am trusting that the loving and compassionate energies of this letter will reach you in spirit. May it bring you peace and comfort to your entire Being.

I wish to Thank You for being You. Although I do not understand all the struggles and challenges you have experienced in your life, I do know that they played out the way they did to garner lessons and growth in spiritual evolvement.

I just finished re-reading all the posts in this thread and am amazed at how just one life can touch so many others – how can we possibly deny a connection between us all? Not just your mom, but your aunts and uncles, your grandmother, your friends, the medical team, and all those here on the Boards who are surrounding you with loving energies for your highest good.

Your present situation has impulsed many of us to go deep within ourselves and get in touch with what we truly believe. And it has further urged some of us to share our thoughts, and in that sharing we are all learning from you and from each other, which is beneficial in some way to us all. It doesn’t matter whether we agree or not with each other in choices made or beliefs held in the depths of our souls. What matters is the value we each receive through the sharing in further defining our individual truth.

So Sean-y, although you may not realize it consciously, you are a wonderful Teacher for many of us. Because what you chose to do, on a much deeper level, shows a Love that can touch others at their soul level by contemplating how your actions, and all the ramifications for you and others, can raise our own awareness and release what no longer serves us. We are all in this game of Life together, and everything that we each choose to do affects those around us in some way. I am learning that I am responsible for my actions and reactions. I am learning to be at peace with choices I am making through all of this, because as difficult as some of those choices are, I am becoming a better me, and I trust that that, in some way, will be of benefit to those I love and care about.

So Thank You, Sean-y, from my heart to yours, for helping us all in some way to discern a greater awareness of Life and Love, and all it entails, at all of its levels. Blessing you and surrounding you with Love and Light…

With Love….Sweet Pea

Blessed Be,
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Old 09-05-2011, 11:17 AM
Chi's Avatar
Chi Chi is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 1999
Location: S
Posts: 5,031

i'll go to St Pascal's right now
and light a candle for Sean.
Sending love and light and healing,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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Old 09-05-2011, 11:38 AM
caged caged is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: J
Posts: 141
Default deb

I am so sorry to hear of your son. I have been sending energy to him and will continue to do so. Sending energy also to you and peg. keep in mind that he may get better then what the Dr. s say he will. My Dr said that I was going to die too. but my angels got me through that and I got more back then they thought I would. He has help from his highher powers and may recover more use of his extrematies then expected. Sending a hug to you and to your son and peg.
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Old 09-05-2011, 07:37 PM
debabbott debabbott is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2001
Posts: 6,537
Default Making preparations for me to return to Ft. Worth

We saw numerous hawks on our return to NM. Sometimes there was a lone hawk circling over the highway above our car. On other occasions there were two hawks circling over us. We noticed this and made a statement to look up the hawk again in our Shaman Wisdom cards. And this is what it said:

I am Hawk. As my wings carry me over the fields below, I am filled with quite awe and love of Earth and Sky. I am a powerful warrior and take conflict in stride. I am assertive and perceptive, focusing on my intent. I observe, then act. I keenly identify new opportunities as well has hazards and challenges. I am powerful in my ability to maneuver through testy situations.

I am filled with quiet awe and love. Soaring into your world today, my head cocked and my wings spread, I rouse you to see through and above whatever situation you may find yourself in at this time. From my higher perspective, you can see hazards and obstacles that block your progress. Meanings are often camouflaged in our day-to-day routine. Listen for my shrill cry, and you will know it is time to obtain balance and insight. Follow your heart, your genuine truth.

We are now making preparations for me to return to Ft. Worth to be with my son at this time of his need and my need to be with him. Peg will stay in NM to take care of the homefront. We are currently checking out options of another vehicle as we only have one at this time. There are several options, we are now determining which is best.

I have been offered housing from my friends in Ft. Worth and several friends have offered monetary support for me to return as I was laid off from my job. Oh how I bless the Universe, Source Energy, God and my wonderful loving friends. Thank you all so very much for your assistance and your support. We are getting my laptop fixed so that I can take it with me so that I can stay in contact with the all of you. I am so grateful for your prayers and your loving intentions.

Love, Deb
Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
Belief Becomes
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Old 09-06-2011, 05:00 AM
Brit Brit is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 3,044

Dearest Deb
Keeping you and Sean in my prayers and energy work.

This morning as I read the posts here a white feather came gently floating into my room thru a partially open window... It was a reminder that we have the support of the seen and unseen realities when we need it most. I think you both have angels helping now... Maybe a special one that delivered a calling card earlier today.

Keeping you in light, energy, and blanketed in love
Brit Elders
CEO - ShirleyMacLaine.com
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Old 09-06-2011, 12:20 PM
monti1980 monti1980 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2011
Location: l
Posts: 220
Default unsure

Deb I am new here only since May2011. My thoughts and prayers are for you and your son Sean. I lost my 30 yr old son in April he had many problems and I am just finding out about them. It has been the hardest thing in my life so far that I have had to deal with, so my grief is still fresh and why you are on my mind so much. You sound like a very strong and spiritual person and I hope I will learn alot from you and the website. Until then know that my prayers are with you all. May you have the strength to be there for Sean in any way that may be. Know that we wish the best for you all. Monti
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