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Old 08-14-2014, 08:07 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default For Hire Jimy Blaine

Mexcio city a ruthless gang headed by Jose Morneo king of drugs being shipped on daily bases to America.The DEA had sent an under cover agent into the mix to find out where Jose habits.A person who never slept in the same bed two days in a row.He was a man fit for his age in the middle years.
He was in a whare house when some of his men brought in a young Mexican.They tossed to the floor and when he started to get up they pulled there pistols.
Fat Goto wiped the sweat from his for head."DEA I am sure asked to many questions about you."He bent over and picked up the man and slammed him on to a chair."A gun ......glock a fine piece."
The man on the chair looked frighten and looked around for an escape.He was maybe to young for this assignment.But gladly took it from the DEA section chief. A success and the sky was the limit.But he underestimated these people.
"What you say.You an agent."Said Jose."We can find out the hard way.But time is short a big shipment needs my special attention."
"I am not an agent.Just looking for a job."
Jose stepped forward"Do you think we do not have own people in police and capital.We knew the minute you stepped over the border."Then he turned to go."Goto no trace."As he left the building he heard a shot.Then he smiled.
Two hours by small air plane Jose Morneo made his way to the border and small rancho a semi was outside.Men where standing around with M16's thanks to the America government.So they could track them was the reason.Inside the small farm house a large trap door leading to a tunnel that when twenty miles under the border and up another farmhouse on the other side.It cost Jose almost a million the build.Concrete and beams the tunnel very stable.
This was the first shipment.He deside to risk it and go with first load across the border.
Getting finally to other side he was welcome by his cousin who lived under a different name and was citizen.Pete Gonzales was young and clean cut and well spoken.Just the man they needed.
"Jose but it is a risk over here,"Pete said slapping him on his shoulder.
"I know just one time.We did away with a DEA agent a few hours ago.I have to much money tighted up in this operation.Don't tell me some one on your side is talking."He said looking angry.
"No no of course not please believe me this shipment is already sold to Midwest and east coast.Nothing here to raise alarm.As far as they know it came from the Flordia doesn't all cocaine come from there ha ha."
"Yes indeed ha ha.
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Old 08-14-2014, 09:57 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default Enter the Snake

At the Washington supper club.DEA chief Ken Williams and NSA chief sat at a table eating lunch.Both middle age men seen days in the field but the death of an agent never set well.Charles Smith the head of NSA called a meeting in public place.
"Look Charlie I called you here because my office .......its better a simple lunch.One of men was sent down to look into the Jose Moreno and report back but he didn't show."
"So there's a leak somewhere in your office or you told Mexico City officals.Which was it."
"I hate to say this but it must be my office.I am not nuts enough to tell officals down there."
"So what do want of me."
"We or I have black money lots of it from drug busts.The government let me keep for special opps.But if I hire someone they will know it.I can finance it but I can't know who or what you do.They will never think its NAS."
"First of all we don't do that kind of thing per say.Meaning we have contractors who we use.A special drop and then money in a swiss bank account.But they don't seek imformation for the feds. they just kill for us period."
"So the money its in an swiss account of our own.It would be easy to transfer."
"You get a number after we make contact.I know his code name the Snake.But that's all I know.Not what he looks like or even if its a man or woman."
The next day a computer message sent out.A job a note in your P.O.box.
Jimy Blaine aka the Snake was a man of a medium build with blond hair.A trained assassin from Russia whose real name was Ivan Syvanian.When the country went capitalist his services weren't needed.He spoke English without an accent and half dozen others as well.An expert shot with any gun.A karate expert and the use any handy thing that might be laying around like pencil or fork.
He went to the PO box and opened the package in his car.A large job and it wouldn't be easy.He took out his lap top and sent a message to Charles Smith NAS.THe price would be ten million dollars.for the head of Jose Morneo.
The package was complete to a point but he knew more then they did about Joses operation.His cousin the smooth Peter Gonzales.In San Diego he a pillar of the Mexican community.No one would expect much less DEA people who he was.He was sure that was his first target and to get ball rolling.
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Old 08-15-2014, 05:18 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default Trouble in Paradise

Peter Gonzales had a city job in San Diego in charge of fair housing for the Spanish population.Always showed up for work and did his job for the best front Jimy had ever seen.But that's why it made it all the easier to planet a bug tracer on his car.Sooner or later he would go to the transient point of the state side drug point.
Jimy sat across the building where Peter worked out of in his rented 4 wheel drive chevy.He had the tracer hooked up to his lap top so if got out of range he could find him.
Peter came out of work at five and didn't check his car and drove home.Jimy follow from safe distants."He had gotten slappy with being Jose cousin who would dare."
A wife and two children and no guards.Home alarm system what a joke.Americans and there bells and beepers to pretect them.So it went day after day until one day he left the office at noon.Very unusual and Jimy followed.
Once on the highway south,he knew Peter was going to the point where the drugs came in .A smart guy like him wouldn't trust a sub boss with a big shipment.
They drove and where almost at the border.A small hill and a few trees to w hide his car.Taking out a long range camera he slide behind a tree and started taking pictures .A farm house and a semi.He quickly wrote down the licence plate number.
"Senior Peter the drugs are fully loaded on the truck."Said a drug solider.
"I want to see open the door of the truck."Then went inside and wooden boxes filled the back of the truck.Opening up one all he saw was diapers on top layer.He grabbed a knife from the solider.Hitting the secondary part.Opening it up just enough to see the packs of cocaine.
He nodded and exited the truck.
"Okay Senior Peter.Okay Manual take her away."
Peter went into the house and called his cousin."The diapers are on there way."Then he left right after the truck went.
Jimy let Peter leave on his way so he could follow the truck."Then he called the CHP."I am a concern citizen truck licened x56j4 is full of drugs going east.Don't let the top layer fool you.Don't trace this phone because its depositable make some news baby."Then smashed the phone against his car door and tossed it out the window.

The CHP officer called for back up and two cars blocked the trucks way forward and two behind.All the officers got out with guns drawn.The driver knew he was in trouble Jose was a very unforgiving man and would probably have him killed in prison.He grabbed smith and wession pistol from the glove compartment.Opening the door as he jumped to the ground starting firing at the officers in front of him hitting one in the chest.The others front and back all fired at once.Making the drivers body dance the death march as it hit the ground.The officer who was shot had a vest on.Sore but alive.The officers in the back opened the truck and soon found the drugs.
The station chief himself came out for the bust along with San Diego Tv news reporter.Within minutes it was on television.
"The largest drug bust in history estimate at 15 million dollars street level sale."

"What!"He said out load at his home watching the news.God he was in trouble cousin or no.
His wife came in with a dish in her hands wiping it dry."That's a good a thing isn't it."
"Quite woman I have to think.I will be in the study no calls."
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Old 08-15-2014, 06:51 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default Perez

"Jose the drug shipment is a bust.Its all over the American news."Said Fat Gotto."The truck only,not the farm house.The driver die in hell of bullets before he could talk."
"Smart man better them.I would ripe him apart."jose stood up looked out his mansion.The large pool and gardens and workers tending it to look perfect."My cousin I have to know if he had anything to do with this."
"I have men on the other side as we speak.Do we have the go for all questioning powers or limited."
"Well that is the question isn't it.At this point I need him but if he's rotten is another thing.But I can not afford loose millions of dollars on a regular bases."
"Perez is my man over the border.He will question him in his special way."

Perez a short and stocky man about 35 ruthless enforcer for the Morneo cartel.He waited outside the building where Peter worked at with two men.One in a car parked to side of the road.THe other with Perez looking at the building at closing time.
Jimy Blaine watched from his car.He couldn't let them take Peter at this time.So he took out his Silenced Mac 10 machine gun.Puting it on single shot he aim at the driver who had his window down and pulled the trigger.Pop went his gun and the driver fell sideways on his seat.Perez and his man heard nothing.Next he waited until Peter came out.The two men went for him.Jimy shot the man next to Perez.He fell at his feet.Both Peter and Perez stopped and looked around and then ducked for cover.Perez ran for the car pushing the driver the street.
As the car drove off Jimy shot out his back window making him believe he was a target as well.
Peter ran for his car thinking he would be next.But it didn't make sense, who another cartel.He headed for a safe house he had for just such emergencys.

"Fat Gotto it was set up, all my men are dead.This man must be working with another cartel down in mexico."
"Who would dare they are too small."
"Peter looked surprised when my man was killed next to me and my driver as well."
"But you managed to escape how is this."
"My back windon was blown out as drove away,I escaped barely with my life."
"Find Peter make him talk at all costs Cousin or no."

Perez went to Peters house and entered without knocking gun in hand.He motion for Peters wife and children to the sofa."Call him now."
Peters wife called her husband."Peter there is a man here with a gun on us.What is happening."She screamed into the phone.
Perez took the phone from her."Listen to me I have your family here and if you don't come home now I will kill one every hour your not here."
"I had nothing to do with that shipment being caught or that shooting this evening you must believe me."
"Come or else."
Peter knew he would be killed at this point.He loved his family.He could rush the house with his pistol firing but he wasn't that good and would miss he was sure from nerves.He had almost a million stashed away in an account in Virgin Islands.

Jimy had to keep Peter alive for now if his plan was to work.He edged up to Peters house and saw Perez through the window firing twice he wounded the man in shoulder and in his right hand making him drop his weapon.The family didn't need a second thought and raced out the back door.
Perez looked around."Who is doing this to me and let me live."
Then left out the back to his car in the driveway and started it up racing down the street to his unworld doctor to get patch up.
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Old 08-15-2014, 08:59 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default South of the Border

Now they were on the run state side.Time to get out one of his many pass ports.One with dark black hair and going by the name of Reyes.He dyed his hair and then went to the second hand shop for some old work clothes.Then taking a bus to the border.The guards on both sides checked his pass port and let him go a worker returning the fields.Once across he took the train to Mexico city.The train was hot and sticky the window where down but all it let in was hot air.Chickens in cages sat next to people going to shop and work.Jimy had a baseball hair he pulled low over his eyes and faked asleep.He knew Spanish but didn't want to push it yet.Many hours later the train arrived.
He got of the train and walked over to motor cycle dealer."I want a fast one senior.Pay cash."
"Huh you got ten thousand dollars not peso's."
"I gota charge card says I do."
"Let's see.This is Gringo name.You steal I bet."
"What does it matter you have time to cash it in.He is a relative gone over sea's he has so many won't miss it.Try it."Jimy said in his best accent.
The salesman left then returned with a sales receipt."Okay here's the key,now get out of here before I change my mind."
Jimy knew where every house Jose owned.But of course he didn't know which one he'd be in.The first one was just outside of town.He drove his motor cycle to hundred yards and hid it behind some bushes.Then he crawled to a few feet away and waited until dark.
There was two on the outside with automatic rifles.One in a tower behind a ten foot tall fense. Probably some more on the grounds plus inside.Armed only with a steak knife he watch the two guard walk back and forth.When they were at there furtherest apart he jumped one and took him out.Grabbing his weapons he now had a auto rifle and glock pistol.When the other came back to where met he stopped thinking why is his friend so late.Then he saw someone coming and relaxed.Just as he was about to call out a knife came sailing through the air sticking in his throat.He fell grabbing at the blood pouring out then was dead.
Next through the gate he spotted two men but had shoot them.But set off an alarm.The guy in the tower fired off some rounds but Jimy fired back killing him as he fell.
Jimy opened the front ducking low as he entered.Two more Soliders firing at him and he droped them.No Morneo .
Jimy went outside and punch a hole in gas tank of one there cars.Filling two glass wine bottles.Then he went up stair and tore off some sheets and stuffed the bottles lighting one he broke it against the wall.A huge fire broke out and then one down stairs.
Outside he painted the words The Snake was here.
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Old 08-15-2014, 12:05 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 170
Default The street wars

"What is happening one of my places and Perez my cousin Peter.I want all other cartel thugs shot on site.I will not go down without a fight.Is that understood Goto."
"Yes Senior Jose but we lose many men there are four drug bosses in Mexico city all small compared to us but if they band together is another story."
"Cut off the heads of each and the body dies.The soliders will join us having no choice."

The first Guzman who had mansion in town.Because he wanted to be close to the action.A couple guards at the front gate with high walls around and a few men inside.Guzman relaxed by his pool with a beautiful young woman in string swim suite.
"Come here give a kiss woman put down that drug pipe.You'd think you needed to be high to be around me.Is that so woman," and he got up off his easy deck chair.Slapped a hand across her face sending the pipe in the pool."When I say come you come or off to the whore houses you go forever."
She looked frighten and walked closer."So sorry I wasn't thinking or course I love you Senior Guzman."
"Love Huh!"

Fat Goto brought four cars full of men with automatic mac 10s.The first car had a steel bumper that stuck out from the car.It ramed through the front gate spraying the two men at the sametime.The other cars followed behind and all got of there cars at once while Guzmans men came out with guns drawn.One on the balcony getting a shot off killing one of Gotos men.He was riddle with bullets and next three that came out the front door as well.Then all the men ran into the house killing a bulter and maid and Guzmans wife.
By now Guzman was running for the garage where his weapons and cars where.The girl was sprayed by Gotos men falling face first into the pool.
Guzman got into one of his 4 wheel drive cars and grabbed a glock and then smashed through the door.
"Get him ,"don't let get away to get more men.Some men in back by the pool and rushed over firing into the car.While Goto blocked his path firing two mac 10s into the wind shield.Guzman slumped forward taking his foot off the petal falling on his horn.
Goto walk over and open the door and pushed him from the horn."One down."

Word traveled fast and now soliders were shooting at anyone who wasn't in there gang.Bodies started piling up everywhere.
Jimy was at another house of Jose's.My Russia gave the Molotov cocktail and this time he had ten of them ready to go.Coming close the walls he lite one through it over the wall and ran a bite and another and so on until the whole compound was in flames.Firing was going on figuring someone must inside.Moments later a few men came out of compound but no Jose.
As he drove by them on his motor cycles let loose of his machine gun and drop them all.
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Old 08-15-2014, 11:26 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Posts: 170
Default Maria the cocaine queen

In the newspapers in America bodies of mafia people where dead everywhere.The police had no control and in many cases were in fear for there own lives.
New Mexican President was elected on the grounds he make a force of untouchable storm troopers.No court no prison.What started out as a simple revenge hit on Jose Morneo had turned into a natural cause.Yet Jose still was in charge.Money and soliders of his own plus the ones that deserted there own bosses for stronger one.
But all this good except it made even harder for Jimy Blaine to get to Jose and without his head the ten million would not be paid.If Jose had one weakness it was for his daughter Maria a 27 year old party girl that took cocaine everyday and danced in the discos at night.

The Club 33 was a popular night spot of the day.Thousand dollars for a bottle of vinage wine.Where you had to be rich to get in or made gangster.But most of the men were afraid to mess with her except one brave soul.A gangster of Eddy Flores who worked for her father.
"Drink my dear or are very high tonight,"Eddy said with a whisper.
"Fuck you asshole.Or is that what you want."She said tossing her long black hair over her shoulder.Her evening gown was low cut and she whore a black g string under white lace gown."You like my panties been staring at them all night.Wanta do me baby come on do me here.No one give a shit."
"Stop it you and those damn drugs,How am I suppose to keep you safe with a hit man looking for anyone with the name Moreno."
"Oh my bodyguard and I thought you love me boo hoo."She said laughing.
Jimy Blaine stood in the corner with a waiters outfit on watching Maria.
"I going to take a piss want to watch."Then she walked down the hallway to women bathroom.Jimy followed taking a cleaning sign with him.
She went inside and he put the sign outside.Then enter seeing her at the sink using more cocaine.He touch her shoulder and she turned around and he knocked her out with one blow.Then he took a trash can and broke the window.He picked her up and tossed out the window landing on the bed of a pickup truck.He exited himself using plastic ties he bowned her up and taping her mouth and then thoughting a tarp over her.Then he was off.

Back in the bar Eddy was getting nervous maybe the bitch over dosed.He motion to couple other men to follow.He saw the cleaning sign and panicked."Shit .He yelled."Holy shit."
Rushing in he saw what happen in an instant.Outside he asked people around but nothing.No he was in fear for his own life.What to do tell or run.Either way he was sure he was dead."Look for her don't come back until you find her."
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Old 08-16-2014, 02:15 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Word got to Jose before Eddy could get to his boss.When he came into his office his head was down waiting.
"Well do you have to say fore yourself."He angerly address him."Well I am waiting."
He raised his head if he was going to get killed he would tell the truth."Your daughter is a spoil cocaine addict.That wouldn't listen to me about being watchful and cauious.But no she wouldn't listen and used her name to get what she wanted.If you want to kill me ,then that's your right."
"A man with balls I like that for that you can live if you find my daughter.But my patience is limited.I don't know his game except he wants me dead."
We all want that Eddy thought ,just have the nerve."Yes I will put a contract on this man.But all that have seen him are dead.But being with your daughter can help find him."

A small farmhouse outside Mexico city.Maria was waking up on a single cot.She looked around then down at her clothes,they were jeans with holes in them and a tee shirt.A pair of rubber flip flops by her bed.She grabed at hair and it was blond.Jimy Blaine was Leaned against a wall looking on in his Mexican get up.
"What have you done my father will kill you.Bastard .........dirty field worker trash.He wont pay a ransom,just kill you."Then she spit on the floor.
"Who wants a ransom.You are dead meat to me if you start bothering me to much Maria.You see I want to kill your father and maybe just maybe he will get careless over you.A finger perhaps to send to him."
"No please.......Please but I need a fix.I will start climbing the walls."
He through her a bag of white powder."Make it last,I am sure it will calm you down.When I go out you will be hand cuff feet and hands to and chain to a post outside in the barn.If you escape while I am gone .I will kill you next time.You will always be looking over your shoulder.
She sniff a line of coke."Tuff guy huh.I have seen them come and go feet first."

Eddy was on the street and put a bounty on the hit mans head.But Maria had to be with him.
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Old 08-16-2014, 09:45 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
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Default Stateside

The next day Jimy loaded Maria into his 4 wheel drive.They headed for the border.After awhile Maria realized where they were going."You can't take me over the border I have no pass port they won't let me in."
"Oh no.Look in the mirror do you look like a Mexican And this drivers licene looks so much like you."
It was a woman about my age with blond hair.It was stolen at the airport lounge a few days ago."But you Mexican or now you look the part they will check you over good.If they don't I'll yell my head off."
Jimy took out a bottle of pills ,take one of these or I'll stuff it down myself or maybe just kill you and pretend your alive."
She took the pill."What is it?"
A powerful sedative that freezes the throat muscles only temporary but long enough."

"She is not in the city I am sure of it.THey must have fled but where.Any number of small towns they would stick out and we would be called for such money we are offering."Eddy said to one of his men.
"The States Eddy must be."
"Peter Gonzales is there but hiding.If he can help find Maria all would be forgiven and he could live without fear.From us that is.We shall go."

At the border hours later Jimy had stopped and changed his hair back to blond and wore slacks and polo shirt and used his name Jimy Blaine.
The Mexican guard looked at a picture of Maria and then at the woman.Then waved them on."Gringo's let them pass."

Eddy and one of his soliders had already landed in L.A. they rented a car and went to Peters house where his wife still lived.She answered the door and Eddy pushed his way in.
"You no who we are and where we're from."
"Yes."She said nodding her head."Please don't shoot me I had nothing to do with it."
"We will hurt you badly if you don't tell us where your lying cheating husband is.But not to worry to make a deal for his life.No talk and you will die this day."
Then Peter came out of the bedroom."I am here leave my wife alone it is me you want."
"Your life for results and never work for Jose again.His daughter has been taken to the states.L.A. area your stomping ground get the word to our people here.Twenty thousand for where the location and your freedom."
Eddy shook his head nervously.
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Old 08-18-2014, 09:45 PM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Posts: 170

In a condo in A upper class area Jimy and Maria sat in the living Room.She hand cuffed and sitting on the couch."I get up and race for the door and scream bloody murder."
"You could and maybe I want you to.To show you are here."He said taking his pistol out of his shoulder holster.He went over the kitchen counter and took out a black wig and put it on her head."There you go look like your old self."
CLick went the sound of digital camera.Then he went over to his computer and down loaded the picture of Maria and sent to Jose Emils address.Come to LA by yourself with a million dollars or she will die in a week.All that come to search will die.He worte with the picture.
"Never going to happen."She offered.
"You think.Huh I have Peter Gonzales place under video.All day and all night a constant change with new disks being fed in."
Jimy left and had her druged to pass out for a few hours.
He over to Peters where he saw Eddy and another man come and go.He went into the house after they had left and confronted Peter.
"Peter I want Jose to come here and your going to help me."He said pointing a gun at him.
"How he sends men and he has a lot of them here as well."
"Okay here's the deal you tell Jose this coming Friday at your house I will be here with the girl at noon.Bring money and by him only."

Then he left and wait for Eddy and his man to return and they went inside and then came out.Using there cell phone to call Jose.Then Jimy took out a 50 caliber sniper rifle with a scope and shot Eddy dead as he was talking to Jose.Then the solider lay at is feet.
"Hello .....Hello what is happening!"
Jimy walked over and picked up the phone and said"They are dead and so will be your daughter if don't come here fridady and then hung up.
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