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Old 06-18-2006, 12:18 PM
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osiris osiris is offline
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Lightbulb About Nostradamus....

In the previous thread I made this Statement,

"An unfortunate factual conjecture....
Ole' Nostradamus could be wrong."

The Unfortunate factual conjecture it's Myself the one wrong.

From Eternity All Of Time And Space Is A Single Event.

All written out from beginning to end infinitely finite.

Events that have Past, Events that is Now, and Future Events......

are all a Single Event of a Gigantic Now which we in this temporality can only experience a tiny portion of relative to our size. We are in our portion of the Now. God's Now is our Past, Present, and Future All At Once. Understand?

So Ole' Nostradamus was simply tapping in to the All and Everything of Time and Space. The Ethereal Memory of the Planet Earth is Past, Present, and Future. Nostradamus had the ability to tap into this.

He could see in advance the "general overall outcome" of events which were precursory at his period of Human History. I say "General Overall Outcome", because the fluid nature of Time over Reality, like the fluid nature of a forest brook over a stream bed is ever changing.
The Stream bed is changing gradually because of the Flow of Water over it.

History is the Stream Bed which is changing gradually because of the Flow of Time over it.


The All and Everything is a forest. Our history begins at Time's spring and flows to it's end at the Ocean of Time. The Stream Bed is all of Human History.
An infinite number of precursors causing an infinite number of events causing and infinite number of outcomes....
All in the stream bed that is all Human History. A Human History ever changing because of the flow of time over it, as a Stream Bed is ever changing because of the flow of water over it.

So, Ole' Nostradamus saw the future, but from his perspective it was vague at best, because of the endless possibilities in play. He did see that all of history is written in advance. It was like there's Ole' Nostradamus swimming in the stream of time, and he lifted himself up the best he could, like at the top of a butterfly stroke to see the stream bed forward of himself, The Human History in advance that time is flowing over.

I have done the best I can with this description at the moment. Like Ole' Nostradamus I have seen some things in advance, but not because I was at the top of a butterfly stroke, but because I kept leaving the stream bed, getting out of the flow of water, walk back up stream, and dive back into the flow of water at the same place. Dive back into the flow of time at the same space.

I have asked why this has been happening to me, and have gotten two answers.

{1} "You Can Not Understand This Now, But You Will."

{2} "Because you are The Valkyrie."
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Love, Michael, The Valkyrie

Last edited by osiris : 06-18-2006 at 12:33 PM.
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