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Old 07-04-2014, 05:40 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Posts: 169
Default Meeting Major Thi

As I said I had gotten involved with a Saigon tee lady.She was Cambodian with darker skin then the Viet Namese about five feet tall.Her bar name was Sunny.
Well at one point I was on top of the world and everything was going gang busters.I had little black market on the side an apartment a girl friend to support.But increasily she had bugging for more goods .Cartoons of cigarettes.
I go "Sunny whats the deal You know I'm spec five and black market low key."
She looked up at me with trim body her western dress and high heels."Its my father Major Thi he thinks I am an office worker.That I go with a American officer who wants to take out this country of war."
"We can't go on like this we gota tell him the truth."
"He was a very important man at one point until a rocket hit his jeep one day and took his left arm and left eye.He can not fight anymore and government pension is so little."
The next day was sunday and I had day off.So As we woke up I deside to me her father.We got cleaned up and she dress in traditional Viet Namese custom white slacks with black silk top where the its a dress both sides are cut out to the waist.
Sunny was nervous and didn't really to go see her father with me.But gave in .
We took a cab to center of the city a few houses were mixed in with apartment buildings .There it was a white house with black iron gates surrounding the place.
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Old 07-04-2014, 09:05 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: t
Posts: 169

I walked through front lawn with flowers and grass well maintained and thought someone is lying about something.We go up the front door a servant opens the door and bows toward Sunny.As she does and says something in Viet Namese.The servant points to a room off the hall.We walk in and there standing by the a window overlooking the street was the Major.
He was in uniform with one arm pinned up to the shoulder.A black patch over his left eye.
"NE is this person you have talking about,"he said offering his right hand.
I step forward and shake it with a bow."Sir Specailist Harmon at your service and step back saluated afterwards.
He came to attention and salutated back.As if remembering long lost past.Then snapped out it and took his hand down."No need for formality here,those days are gone.I just wear the uniform for special occasions.Please lets sit and talk.The servant came in."A drink perhaps."
"No nothing for me."
He waved her off and she left.
"So you want to marry my daughter is not so.Where would live a soliders life is one of a transant and you always can not bring a wife to such places like this for example.Would you get and another locacl woman Ne was back in the states for another tour."
"Father please!"
"No....no I want to hear the answer!"
"I am getting out of the service after this tour."I offered.
"What you be doing then?"
"I don't know get job somewhere or go to school.I'll provide for her in some manor.We are in love.Thats all .....that matters."
The major stood up and looked out the window."First we lost her mother through cancer and now my army service and I should lost my daughter to a low ranking serviceman who doesn't even have a plan.Well I think not."
Sunny stood up this point walked over to her father.She put her hand on his back and said"father please it is love."
He turned back towards us."Love conquers all.Love doesn't put food on a plate a career a purpose a.........." he waved his hand over his head and turned again towards the window.
I wanted to say someone mean like your daughters working as a Saigon tee girl surport your life style but kept quiet.
"Dad please we don't need your permission I just wanted your blessing and we send for you as soon as we get established in America."
"Oh know you don't I will not go to America and run from these cowards who try to take control over our country.If we lose I will go down with it gun in hand fight to the end I am not coward I will not run."
I stood up."Its knowing when to seek another road.Its not running,so they take Viet Nam we will be safe in America."
"Do you hear your own words my boy.What if it were America would you run to Viet Nam for safety.I think not..........I think not."
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