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Old 04-11-2012, 08:47 PM
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Default Poetry

Inspired by the Broadway musical Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
I wrote this back in 2006. When I was about 20 years old. I am 25 now and its interesting to read your work from the past. First time I am reading this since then. Yes, I took some inspiration from the characters of Jekyll and Hyde and Lucy Harris the doomed prostitute. But not sure where my mind was when I wrote this. I do remember writing it in a span of a few hours. When the inspiration comes you must let it out. Let me know what you think.

Evil has never looked this good. Darkness has filled the summer's bright light. Cold winds have masked the humid heat. However, we have one another to keep each other warm. Your sinister touch overpowers my milky virgin-like skin, which has turned into a pale pink hue caused by the scolding of your hands. Despite all that, I wish to dance with you. Your dark waves of immortal perfection brush against my face as we do a tango. Is it a dance of passion or of deceit? How did we both meet? Worlds apart have brought us together this evening. Come dance the tango of evil goodness.

There is blood on your hands which have made an everlasting imprint on my white corset, which you seductively unfasten as we enter my chamber door. Many men have entered this layer of the red rat. However, no man has ever made me feel this way before:
I can see hell in your eyes. We are both to blame. I feel no shame. Put your lips on mine. I don't care how much it burns. Tug violently on my auburn tresses. Slap me in the face and caress my wounds later. I feel alive. Or do I feel alive under false pretenses? Kiss me once more as we sing our last duet. You sense fear in my eyes tonight. As your chilling touch runs down my spine, I can't help but feel so alive!

Midnight has struck. We enter my chamber door. Tonight is different. I can feel it so. You're more sinister than ever before. Blood dries and chips off your sleeve and fingertips. I could only imagine whose genes lurk upon your sleeve?
A mans?
A woman's?
A cat in heat?

We lay in the bed. You begin to undress me. You stop midway. You sense that I am somewhere else than here in your arms. You demand to know what is wrong, but you already know the answer. You're too dangerous.
These qualities turn me on. You make me hot inside and out. But I can't risk my life any longer no matter how much passion and love of feel for you. I was attempting to escape tomorrow night. Though I don't want to go. This life of debauchery, murder, and chaos has to cease. I have to go. Good-bye lover. I want a new life. I want to succeed in something else. I want the sea. I know I have it in me. You couldn't possibly understand…
Evil has taken a toll on your soul. I still have a chance at a new life and a new soul.

Your face is still. You sit back down. You hold me closer than ever before and begin to brush my hair with your ice-cold hands. My arm hairs stand on end. Something is going to happen, something bad, something wrong. I know it. I can feel it. I was warned before by the angel Tobias to run away and to leave this monster. I didn't listen like the stupid woman I am. I feel a light chill arise from your coat pocket. You begin to sing a soft lullaby. For the first time you were nurturing. For a split second, I felt a touch of humanity escape the ashes that is you. He thought I could not hear the whispers of his "friend". He thought I couldn't feel the blade coming. He stabbed me once, twice, thrice and too finish me off he sliced my tender throat.

My carcass lying face up and staring into his eyes. I cannot move. Paralyzed from the neck down. A tear drops down my rouged cheek onto the cold floor. You hover over me. The scent of sweat, blood, and my perfume mixes and creates a sweet aroma that makes me feel more at peace. You kiss me once more. However, due to your strong will and physique you suck the last breath of life right out of me. You we're always a good kisser. I forgive you because you freed me of this life. I'm free to pursue a new life.

But still even in death because of you I feel alive.
Evil has never looked this good.
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