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Adventure and discovery was the enticement that drew Lee Elders to this wild lawless land; the supernatural world of the Shuara that live in a mystical realm of ayahuasca-induced visions where the ethereal world is encased within our third dimensional reality. Along the way he discovered his true self - his Kakarma. However incredible some of the incidents may seem this is a true story.
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Old 09-30-2013, 08:16 AM
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Default Samuels Story part 2

Time past and Samuel remarried and had a son reconfirming to him the aliens had attempted mind control on him by planting false realities within him. All of which he rejected and tried to expel from his conscious mind. His new found happiness soon ended when he realized his second wife had unexpectedly left him, taken his child, emptied his bank account and disappeared without a trace. Once again along, heartbroken and broke he put himself into his work and his shamanistic studies.

While searching for his son he continued to work ordinary jobs, living the a quiet life and longing to reestablish his family life. It didn't take long before his car was “accidentally” hit from behind again leaving him unable to read, write or walk due to a severe head injury. The first “accident” had been a warning. The second “accident” was more than a warning and brought to mind once again the aliens prophecy. It took years to regain his abilities but he never gave up the fight for full recovery or the dream of having a normal family life.

While experimenting with his Shamanistic work he had another extraordinary experience that jarred his mind into accepting the possibility that what had been foretold by the alien might be true. He did not want to believe it, nor could he understand why he was meant to fulfill or enact what the alien had told him. After all the brain injury could have been a quirk, a random accident but he could not shake the old memories and he couldn't help but reflect upon the possibility it could actually be true. That was until the ceremony he was performing with his friends caused the unimaginable to happened.

They had all been standing within the circle of protection and one mistakenly stepped outside. At that moment an elemental appeared along with what he perceived to be Beelzebub. The elemental claimed the errant friend and Samuel argued he could not have his friend because to take him would break spiritual law. He could see his friend begin to disintegrate and he yelled out the law. At that moment a bearded figure that most would consider to be an image of GOD appeared in the sky. As Samuel looked up he saw the figure wink at him and shoot a brilliant light into him only t disappear leaving a four pointed star lingering in the clouds The elemental and Beelzebub vanished with the appearance of the bearded man and the friend was restored.

The group of friends stared at one another not knowing what had happened or if what they had just experienced was real or not. They exchanged versions of what they had all experiences and all agreed they had seen the same thing. The only division among them was that one of the participants accused Samuel of conquering the hallucination while the others believed he was as much a victim as the rest of them. Samuel declared his innocence saying he had nothing to do with the visions. To add more to the event Samuel then noticed water was moving up his legs from the ground and pouring out from his knees. No matter where he moved water appeared and he could not stop it. His shoes were soaked and his trousers were wet and he was almost paralyzed from confusion. He did not know what was happening or why. And his friends were likewise helpless to do anything about it. It eventually stopped but the water phenomenon periodically reoccurs from time to time even to this time.

His friends abandoned him and refused to talk about what had happened and avoid him even if they pass him in the streets. Samuel is still unsure about exactly why or how the event happened but does take some comfort in the fact that there were witnesses. He knows it was not his imagination and that something extraordinary happened.

After that he once again tried to go with his life marrying for the third time and producing the predicted children as foretold by the Pleiadian. Unfortunately that too ended badly when his wife decided she wanted nothing to do with him or his progeny and left leaving the children for Samuel to raise alone. He still has visitors destroying his computers; the last time destroying every electrical product in his home. The power company said they have never seen anything like it and had no idea how such a thing could happen short of an EMP burst.

Currently Samuel lives an isolated life with his children trying to help people learn about his understanding of what is happening in our universe. He administers various sight on line offering knowledge and information about current and upcoming events revealing to a limited degree what he had discovered thirty-two years earlier. Some listen and are preparing, and like the Pleiadian, who evaluated him on their space ship long ago, some recognize who Samuel is and perceive his destiny and still others believe he is delusional.

I asked Samuel if he was concerned about his story being told and he answered, “ Yes but the call has been sounded and the time for the gathering is now.”

I've written his story and will leave it up to you, the readers, to decide for yourself if he is an Indigo, a light worker, a spiritual master living in human form or a character that offers only amusement. If you want to contact Samuel Hofman you can do so on Facebook. He is always willing to answer questions that do not interfere with classified material, by way of his FB sights or by phone. Phone number is available as per request.
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