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Old 09-30-2013, 08:09 AM
Lightbeam Lightbeam is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2012
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Posts: 27
Default Samuels Story part 1

I received the following from a friend and thought this group might find it interesting.

In life we privileged to meet extraordinary people. Few if any are rich or famous yet they exude spiritual awareness or abilities that help waken all who come in contact with them. Some people call them light workers, some say they are Indigos, others say spiritual masters that move in and out of your life changing you forever. I thought I would share, with his permission, the story of such an individual who has recently become my friend. In the doing you to may become acquainted with him.

When he was nine years old he was wakened and forced to stand face to face with a Draco. It became obvious the alien did not want to hurt the boy but was instead very curious and fascinated by him. The boy was not equally curious and felt only fear. The boy, Samuel, was not abducted this time but would not be so fortunate in the future.

Samuel was born in the United States from Dutch immigrants and soon began to display an uncommon intelligence that eventually drew the attention of the government. As a lark and to complete the requirements of his high school chemistry class 17 year old Samuel wrote and turned in a paper that completed Einsteins Unified Field theory. The stunned high School teacher sent it to the local university who then turned it over to a government agency who decided to seek out the boy and classify his paper as top secret. (still is)

Mean while Samuel started working and living in a forestry camp for a summer job and unbeknown to his parents was approached, and taken to a facility where he was offered another kind of job. They would not tell him what the job would be until he signed a (now expired) thirty year confidentiality agreement. Curios the young man could not resist and in the doing changed his life forever. It was at that time he met his second alien and experimented with remote viewing and taught other scientists his understanding of the universe. He quickly learned he wanted NO part of what was happening in secret and asked to be returned home. Under threat of the deportation of his entire family he was again reminded to keep silent and was not allowed to pursue formal university training. He was handcuffed and flown back home but to this day remains under persistent surveillance. Not just from the silent government but from aliens who know what he is meant to do in the future.

The story does not end there but slowly grows more and more intense when he stopped working the jobs the government arranged for him and sought work elsewhere. He had married a preachers daughter and wanted his freedom to aspire to the lifestyle his wife wanted but soon realize that decision would have severe consequences. Within a day or two of starting his new job he found himself in the hospital with major injuries that took months to heal, lost his wife, his home and his income. Yet the tenacious spirit of the man continued to struggle for independence and autonomy.

He was fortunate to meet and study with Indian elders who taught him the shamanistic ways of life. He learned to commune with nature and waken his spiritual attributes. He could recognize the sounds of Grey alien packs when they were in his neighborhood and distinguish between the smells and flavor of dark and light spirits and entities. His world was expanding but his watchers never ceased their surveillance or the persistent destruction of his computers, etc. He had become trapped between two worlds.

One day he and three friends were camping in the wilderness when they saw a triangular ship in the near distance. Unable to resist the temptation to investigate the strange appearance they stealthily approached the ship with Samuel in the lead. He stepped into a ring of light beneath the ship beckoning his friends to join him. They were hesitant but followed his lead only to be immediately taken on board and placed in separate areas within the ship. Samuel did not know what was happening to his friends when he woke to find Greys trying to perform experiments on him. To their great dissatisfaction the small beings quickly learned they could not control Samuel nor would he remain unconscious. The Grey technicians went to get help from their Pleiadian supervisor and who upon examination realized Samuel was not to be interfered with.

Telepathically Samuel was told what his future work for humanity was and that he would have two female children and suffer a near catastrophic head injury which was necessary for his future work. Of course Samuel refused to accept his future role and was upset about the thought of having a major head injury. He discounted everything the alien told him but was glad to be released and returned to the ground with his severely traumatized friends.

continued in Samuels Story part 2
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Old 10-30-2013, 12:20 PM
Lightbeam Lightbeam is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2012
Location: L
Posts: 27

As per my friends suggestion, and my curiosity, I called and talked directly with Samuel Hofman. I discovered he is a receptive compassionate individual with a lot to say. Even though much of his story was posted here I soon realized there was even more that was not.
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