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Old 07-15-2013, 07:20 AM
StevenOz StevenOz is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 193
Smile Updates from Genesis II Church Health Restoration Centers

Email Received on April 22, 2013 GMT+8

[Quoted Email]
Updates from Genesis II Church Health Restoration Centers

We spent 4 months in Bulgaria and treated over 20 with good success while were we there training Bishop Mary and others at the Bulgarian center. It was a lot of work, but look at the results from last month as they continue, “Restoring Health”. The Center in Bulgaria will be closed until September 2nd.

Note: Please contact us if you are in need of “restoring health” at revjoseph@genesis2church.org or revjon@genesis2church.org. We are receiving people at the Colombian Restoration Center now! See the information about the Latin American Genesis II Church Restoration center in Colombia below.

Here is the results sent to me from Bishop Mary at the Bulgarian Restoration Center:

Hello Archbishop Mark,

I thought that a catch up was in-order, I am so sorry for the delay.

1. Mr H from Turkey 32 years old (HSV2)

He was with us for 3 weeks, we used protocol 2000 with Moringa, spinal patch, enemas, sit baths. He did very well on protocol, it has been 2 months now and he has had no further outbreaks, he feels well and strong and will continue with the protocol. He will test in one month.

2. Mrs H from USA 56 years old,(stage 4 colon cancer and liver cancer)

She arrived with her liver in a poor state and inflamed, she had problems also with her lungs. We used protocol 1000 and did liver wraps which improved the inflammation within a few days in the liver, enemas, douches, sit baths. She had two weeks of oxygen therapy with CDS which drastically improved her breathing. When she left she was feeling that she had much more energy, liver was fully reduced, breathing greatly improved and traveled around Europe, she is very positive and will continue protocol, we are pleased with the progress so far. We used protocol 2000, enemas, douches, painting of lungs, liver wraps.

3. Mr P from Africa 45 years old (leukemia)

He arrived with a seriously enlarged liver and spleen which caused great discomfort, he had not eaten for a week due to pain deriving from liver. We did protocol 2000 during the day, sit baths, enemas. He has returned to Kenya and emailed stating that he is feeling much better, he continues protocol, eats well and has returned to work. This was really pleasing results.

4. Mr B from Israel 66 years old (diabetes 1, lung cancer, cough, foot and nail fungus, liver cancer and colon cancer).

He arrived looking weak and slightly jaundice with an elevated liver which caused a degree of discomfort. We did protocol 2000 during the day, sit baths, painting of lungs, CDS, water and DMSO mix. Liver wraps 24 hours, brazil nuts, apricot kernels. He had amazing results with our oxygen therapy with CDS with the lungs. The jaundice disappeared and good color appeared. When he left us after 3 weeks he was insulin free, steroid free, pain free, liver size was normal, he felt he had more energy. We used Tea tree oil, lavender oil and colloidal silver for the fungus in his feet and nails which was looking good when he left. He will continue protocol.

5. Mrs B from Denmark 79 years old (lung cancer, cough and foot fungus)

This lady arrived walking slowly and very carefully on a walking stick, she was panting short breaths and did not look at all well, and she was pale and fragile. She did oxygen therapy with CDS at 2 hours per day, she did protocol 2000, daily sit baths, CDS, DMSO and water added to the lung area, immune boosters during the evening, MSM and sea water. Within a week she was breathing much better, coughing has ceased and she could walk without her stick, she stayed for 3 weeks and did not have a problem with breathing at all when she left, she continues to do the protocol.

6. Mr D aged 36 from France (HIV)

His viral load was over 12,000 when he came to us, we did protocol 2000 during the day time and a herbal remedy during the evening, his viral load was reduced to under 3,900 when he left, he continues with the protocol and his viral load is still decreasing, he is so pleased with his results.

7. Mrs S from USA aged 54 (Thymoma Cancer)

She followed protocol 2000 during the day time. Cancer herbs, MSM, sea water, apricot Kernels, black seed oil, black salve. The black salve drew out the cancer, we sealed the hole that was left, it healed very well. She was amazed at her results, she continues protocol. She also did enemas, sit baths and douches.

8. Mr F aged 58 (prostate cancer)

He did protocol 2000 during the day. He felt that he was much happier and healthier, he will continue protocol, we await news of tests.

9. Mr R aged 56 from France (HIV)

His viral load was over 16,000 when he came to us, we did protocol 2000 during the day time and a herbal remedy during the evening, his viral load was reduced to under 4,300 when he left, he continues with the protocol and his viral load is still decreasing, he is so pleased with his results.

10. Mr and Mrs L aged 35 and 37 from Canada (HSV)

They were with us for 3 weeks, we used protocol 2000 with some olive leaf and immune boosting herbs during the evening, black seed oil and Moringa, spinal patch, enemas, sit baths. They did very well on protocol, it has been over 2 months now and they have had no further outbreaks, they feel well and strong and will continue with the protocol. They will test in one month.

11. Mr B aged 82 from Bulgaria (skin cancer)

This was the worst case of skin cancer I have ever witnessed, his whole face, neck and head was covered. We did protocol 2000 with lots of topical applications during the day time. Moringa, cancer herbs, sit baths during the evening, within three weeks and the skin cancer was reduced by 80% a truly remarkable 3 weeks.

12. Mrs R aged 56 from Bulgaria (breast cancer, 5 cysts in left breast)

We did protocol 2000 during the day, sit baths, enemas, douches, patch on the breast with CDS, water and DMSO mix. black seed oil. This was really pleasing as all 5 cysts had disappeared, she has since been scanned and shows no sign of cancer

Bishop Mary

Genesis II Church European Restoration Center

Note: The results are from people staying at the Center and being monitored 24/7 for 3 weeks. We believe this is the best way to see results. Obviously, people can do this at home but it is a lot easier when the people are with us to ensure the protocols are followed 100% and the person can focus 100% of his or her health without distractions.

Latin America Genesis II Church Restoration Center Colombia Updates


Updates from center in Colombia.

We had a 36 yr. old man with lung cancer here for 3 weeks. He left feeling much better. He wrote me yesterday and said he coughed up a piece of a tumor! He is very diligent in doing his protocols which is extremely important in “Restoring Health”.

A 49 yr. old man paralyzed for 2 years and couldn't talk.

First week – no results

Second week – Feet hurting then started moving his body and drinking on his own!

Third week – Painting and using his computer!!

We have many health ministers in Colombia constantly treating people here outside of the center with our supervision. One 12 yr. old girl was healed of 4th stage liver cancer! Another woman was told she had 1 month to live with Leukemia. That was 2 months ago! Testimonies coming in from all over Colombia, Latin America as well as the world as more health ministers are being trained to “restore health”.

Note: Due to the fact that our European Restoration center is closed until Sept. 2nd, anyone wanting to “restore health” can contact us here in Colombia.

We have moved our Latin America Restoration center from Bogota, Colombia to the coastal city of Santa Marta. The reason being is the weather, availability of raw food, such as: raw milk, cheese, raw honey, meat, sea water, fish, Moringa etc. Also, there is 10 million people in Bogota which means a lot of congestion as well as pollution. Santa Marta is a quiet city located on the Caribbean Sea and we are located 2 blocks from the ocean! This gives people an opportunity to be able to walk on the beach as well as bath daily in the ocean and get plenty of sun which is very healthy for the body.

People will able to choose from many hotels, motels, apartments and even hostels if they so choose. There are many here. From nice hostels to 4 star hotels. People can even rent furnished apartments for 1 month to be able to cook their own food and have there own space to heal. The weather is really nice here.

Here is a link to look for accomodations in the area: http://tinyurl.com/c4zctt7

NOTE: We recommend people coming with a family member or friend for the 3 week stay. For more information, please contact us at: revjon@genesis2church.org, orrevjoe@genesis2church.org. We speak English and Spanish. oming MMS TeacherHto Teach MMS." Seminar

Have you or anyone you know had good results with MMS? Please share a testimony in our MMS Testimonials section: genesis2church.org/write-new-mms-testimonial.html
Read all currently shared MMS Testimonials:

Updated Sacramental MMS Protocol Videos EN (2013):

Updated Sacramental MMS Protocol Videos ES (2013):

MMS Video Testimonials on YouTube:

Autism Mom - her story using MMS on her child (Aug 2012)

Malignant Melanoma - MMS video testimonial (Mar 2013)

"7 Gates to Seynimin" - Genesis II Church out in the field:


MMS Autism - Kerri Rivera

Last edited by StevenOz : 08-13-2013 at 03:47 AM.
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Old 08-04-2013, 06:48 AM
Wolfdog Wolfdog is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Posts: 773
Default For Steven Oz

Thank you for this really interesting post. It is always a pleasure to hear about such real miracles!

You mentioned something called "black salve"...I am curious to know what exactly is in that?

Best to you,
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Old 08-13-2013, 03:40 AM
StevenOz StevenOz is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 193

I received those two messages I posted as a result of buying some of the Miracle Mineral for a neighbour of mine with cancer, I got the product from the New Zealand Jim Humble approved supplier. Unfortunately she is very down on herself and the world. Still, I'm sure that the information I relayed on will be very useful to people, even if I don't know about all the specifics mentioned.
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