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Old 06-02-2008, 07:43 AM
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Default Hi friends are we redy for another circle of cosmic knowledge

I looked up: 2001 was written in one corner with liquid, digitalized crystals. We followed the thoughts of humanity, the subject was how many were mentally activated. Many more than I had thought, in all different races and class levels. Only a small fraction of the Earth’s population wrote books and held lectures, courses, seminars, etc., but thousands and thousands kept the wisdom to themselves. They wanted to save the knowledge for later, quietly diffusing and activating light and love through their presence, knowing well that it will be a long time before we all arrive at those light energies that will bring Paradise on Earth. Each of us has our specific assignment arranged in the right order.
Every one of us contributes to the right outcome of the puzzle of life. Many of us have been enriched with collective group consciousness. During the last couple of years, we have experienced crystal glimpses from other universes. We have tried to pass it on, wanting to share our knowledge with others who think the same way. We exchange via Internet across the national borders and suddenly, the world is not so immense. Everybody can sit by the net, receiving the same information in the same second, crossing the date lines; the information is new to the person in Miami and old to the person in Copenhagen. Actually, it is a funny thought that such a great “time difference” exists - even here on Earth. It is the beginning of an earthly network and we humans will end up sharing the world resources for better or for worse.
When we all agree through the Internet, we will be so developed that we will be moving up in the civilization network and afterwards into the cosmic network, until one day all souls can be part of one universal network. However, this is so far into the future, I think we will have “to make do” with the Internet for a while. Surely universes exist that communicate with each other easily, even though they are light years away from each other. Maybe this is where we are going when we are finished with the seven universes.
We feel that our Earth has become a small grain of sand in a vast universe. We move in space and look into other universes and suddenly we have the responsibility to communicate. We are seeing with a different vision and on other frequencies. We have taken in a totally new knowledge; this was previously erased from our memory but it is coming back for the new millenium. The evolution flows quietly and peacefully through our genes, DNA. Our cells are being radiated by higher speeds of vibration, difficult to keep up with. During the next couple of years, there will be people who feel mentally lonely, until they realize that it is quite normal to experience those vibrations. It is normal to flow into other forms of wisdom and in some future time to feel safe in this level of consciousness.
We have now realized that we can move out into the cosmos via our own consciousness. We stumble like small children, trying to conform to this new way of thinking, it happens so fast that once in a while we slide back into our own small, safe world.
We move towards year 2005. Some scientists are now finding that we are our own “receivers and senders” in the communication with space through our own channel in our consciousness. We find that clairvoyance is an intermediate stop-over to our consciousness and when developed, will enable us to “talk” with other civilizations via our inner “antenna net”. There will be much evidence that hundreds of people have the same contact with our friends in space.
We cannot move to other planets physically, since the distances are so great, but we can do it through “the talking thought”. The consciousness can flow far out into the universe, only the individual knows the limit. We will discover that we can converse with the universe.
The fact that human beings are receiving a new special knowledge all over the globe, will be noticed; a wisdom that can be used in various ways to help the further evolution of mankind. Scientists and high-ranking doctors will be receiving this new wisdom, not included in any books; they will try to cooperate and understand that it is a pure and positive knowledge, an advanced way of thinking, giving the new century the fundamental idea that the universe can be used as a library for studying invaluable knowledge. “Child prodigies” will be born with built-in knowledge which is far beyond our imagination. Simultaneously new teachers will be re-activated, able to understand these children. The puzzle of life will be pieced together forming an understandable picture of evolution.
New knowledge will be pulled down, new ideas that we will learn to use collectively. Maybe two persons in the same country will pull down the same idea, but we will be able to surpass envy and instead gain the wish to cooperate. Our ego will be utilized more positively for the benefit of mankind. There will be international cooperation. We will be pulling knowledge down regarding the use of the atmospheric resources, controlling the winds and the infusion of energy to the Earth, as well as starting to use crystals in various ways.
Crystals will be used as hard discs in computers and be encoded with thousands of pieces of information. Medical instruments in the hospitals will be replaced. The multi-dimensional, healing possibilities of crystals will be discovered. Beds with crystal floorboard will be constructed and new instruments will heal bio-energetically. The new doctors will learn to measure the vibrations of the body via crystals. They will learn how our cells are built molecularly from the nucleus and how to detect the vibrations of the organs and the position of possible blockages.

By /Ulla Runchel
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Love yourself first, then you can love others.


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