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Old 04-23-2014, 02:31 AM
Daniel Deveron Baker's Avatar
Daniel Deveron Baker Daniel Deveron Baker is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 7
Thumbs up Honoring Shirley On Her 80th Birthday

I asked Shirley what she wanted for her 80th Birthday, and this is what she said: "..donate to the ASPCA or American Humane Association and say a prayer for all of our earth human family." Both of these worthy charities that help fur people have "In Honor Of.." donation pages. Here are the links, if you'd like to honor this lovely lady in this way...

ASPCA - Honor Gift Page

American Humane Association - Honor Gift Page
To All Connected With ShirleyMacLaine.com...
I send you powerful positive thoughts and prayers for
health, healing (as needed), happiness,
excitement, enlightenment, enjoyment,
success, satisfaction, security,
protection, prosperity,
love, light and laughter.
May God bless us each and every one! Amen!
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Old 04-23-2014, 09:10 AM
nyspirit nyspirit is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 1969
Posts: 343
Default I asked Marianne Williamson to say a Birthday prayer for Shirley.

Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday Shirley....Happy Birthday to you. To an extraordinary and magnificient special soul who truly is a super survivor on Planet Earth.

This past Monday I attended a Marianne Williamson lecture, and I asked Marianne if she would say a Birthday prayer for Shirley's 80th birthday.
Marianne was so gracious and spoke so eloquently of Shirley.

I wish you much good health, joy, peace and happiness today, and always.

Oh, and there is one more thing. I pray and wish that Star Beings make their grand entrance on the White House lawn before you make your transition.

Happy Birthday Kid,

Last edited by nyspirit : 04-23-2014 at 09:46 AM.
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Old 04-23-2014, 06:44 PM
Chi's Avatar
Chi Chi is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 1999
Location: S
Posts: 5,031

I raise a glass to you, Shirley.
Set that cake on fire and have a beautiful day.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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Old 04-23-2014, 09:06 PM
OneLight OneLight is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 1969
Posts: 2,230
Smile Shirley

Happy Happy Birthday, Shirley !

Hope you have a ball celebrating this special birthday,
and may you have a wonderful year filled with blessings
of all kinds....

Blessed Be,
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Old 04-24-2014, 04:42 AM
RobKendall's Avatar
RobKendall RobKendall is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 270
Wink In honor of a great and glorious birthday today

This is an excerpt from the November 14, 2010 chat:

Equuleus: Shirley, I read "Out On A Limb" the same month you were on the cover of TIME - I have read it once a year ever since, just to see how far I have come!
- - - - -
Nori: I can't find any copies of the movie out on a limb
- - - - -
Nori: just have cassettes and book
- - - - -
RobKendall: March of 84, Equuleus or the later cover?
- - - - -
Equuleus: that one ROB!
KellyB: yikes!
- - - - -
Equuleus: I think it was her 50th birthday and she was so beautiful!!!!
- - - - -
ShirleyMac: Very good equ - when was that 1983?
- - - - -
RobKendall: '84 just after the Oscar
- - - - -
KellyB: I was born in 1982
- - - - -
KellyB: teehee
angelsong: haha
- - - - -
ShirleyMac: now you know what we old folks know os!
OS!: yes i do. i'm feeling older by the minute.
- - - - -
ShirleyMac: kelly i have a car older than you
- - - - -
angelfledgeling: hHhAHAHA
RobKendall: We are 'young' until we're 40, 'middle-aged' until we're 80, and then we've earned the right to be old - and only if we want to...
- - - - -
angelfledgeling: GOT THE BIG 35 COMING UP SOON
- - - - -
angelfledgeling: I hope I age Half as well as you & Brit SM
- - - - -
OS!: oh hahha AF
- - - - -
ShirleyMac: rob revise the middle age thing because i'm not getting old
- - - - -
RobKendall: How's 99, then, SM?
- - - - -
ShirleyMac: ok rob
- - - - -
RobKendall: So, once again -- We are 'young' until we're 50, 'middle-aged' until we're 99, and then we've earned the right to be 'old' - and only if we want to be...
- - - - -
Equuleus: RK.....thank you! I have just been revived to middle age!
- - - - -
ShirleyMac: better rob
RobKendall: Equuleus - And I've just been revived to my youth, at least for 6 months, 12 days and 40 minutes, but who's counting?
- - - - -
Equuleus: Ha-ha-ha!
- - - - -
Equuleus: I tell everyone I am much older than I really am.....and they say "OH you look SO young!"
- - - - -
KellyB: I am an old soul OS, can you tell?
OS!: yes
Equuleus: and boy can I walk FAST for my OLD age!
- - - - -
Nori: age is an intriguing subject for us, no matter what we say or feel.... we all get there eventually

So, Shirley, many happy returns of the day.

We love you.

We cherish you.

We send you kisses, hugs, radiant beams of light, and a mess of moist, still warm from the oven, deliciously luscious chocolate cake!
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Roxie's Robin
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Old 04-24-2014, 07:06 AM
Norma Rae's Avatar
Norma Rae Norma Rae is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 398

Happy birthday from one April baby to another!

Namaste from the Midwest,

p.s. thank you Rob for the 2010 chat transcript! perfect.
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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