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Wink Dearest Shirley

Wow. I did not know your past with dragons!

I came to this web site after a dragon flew
Thru my vision 10 yrs ago just months before
I was to go to India on a quest

I came to you because? Well I quess I know now and
Thank you
India held my green dragon in the forest in the middle
Of the Munnar mts In Kerala, India
Little did I know at the time that my path
Would be so long and complex

Would people believe now that their path is set?
Their enlightenment is thus and will be realized
When all u have to do is ask?

I was told at 19yrs of age that I would experience
Many things.
However would live to be an old person who would then
Be able to share and help those who ask.

Your web site encouraged me. Helped me and showed me
The Path!
So many to thank
So many to express my love and gratitude
Anyone reading knows about the past lives, the cleansing the body
The healing of the mind and the gift of the angels
Is all in the power of thought

I lived it. I healed it and now able to share it
This is my purpose this life time

And of course the song sung to me long ago in India was
"If this is your last life here, Let it be in India!"
Namaste XO
dragon spirit
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