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Originally Posted by debabbott
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

I moved through the brush
Attentive to my being concealed.
Something was amiss that I needed
To be in adherence of at this point.

I was silent and my steps were light
I made not a sound as I wondered in the night.
I was ever observant, looking around,
Hearing nothing, I proceeded to abound.

It was then that I came upon a place
In my consciousness that I could not explain
So, I settled there and gave place for expression
To reveal what it was that I needed to heal.


“Come, my friend” said Mother Baobab.

“With my leaves, let me make for us
a sanctuary of love and safety.

Let me just sit with you as we share

this time of quiet, together.

For you are not alone, and are very much loved.”


Blessed Be,
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