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Default Escape

I ran for the elevator and jumped in and hit the first floor button.But it stopped on the next floor up.The doors opened and all hell was breaking loose.The greys and reptiles were firing at each other as the news spread through the floors.Guards were firing at both and getting killed by lazor blasts.
"Kill them all,"Yelled a reptile."We don't need them anymore or the humans either."
A guard shot him between the eyes and he lay dead.But it only inflamed the rest of the reptiles and they started to fire at anything that moved.I press the button for the next floor.Just as blast came my way and I ducked.The blast tore a hole in the back of he elevator.
I was able to reach to the second floor where humans were housed.They were all running around looking for weapons.Some rushed me and got in.Pushing the button for the first floor.
"Our weapons are match for there lazor guns."Screamed a man dressed in lab coat.
We reached to top floor and already a black uniform shock force was waiting to get on the elevator.Men with bullet proof vests and rifles that were not guns but lazor weapons that I never seen before.
"Make way,"they yelled pushing us out of the elevator.Some troops were holding there lazor weapons on the few greys in the runway next to there ships.
But reptiles had other ideas and had one ship and they started blasting.The troops fired back killing them all but losing two of there own.
I took that moment to run down the runway and out the side.With things going nuts about me.I was able to escape.Down the hill I went.I didn't know if more space aliens would come from the dark side of the moon or not.I was wondering what to tell Eds wife about his death.
I had picutres.I showed Eds wife she beggied me to get the pictures to the people at all costs.So his life would not be in vain.
I called the network people they wouldn't have anything to do with it.Or the newspapers as well.I wondered if the government had warned them in advance."They can be faked was one answer.Computers can produce anything."
So I bring my story here to this website.The pictures they would not print.I only hope Eds life was not waisted.

The End
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