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Default Alarm

I started for the eleveator and Grey women were using a device to call there people on all levels.The greys were not without weapons a lazor pistol.I went up to the next level where Greys an reptiles were housed.The door opened and they were shoting at each other.The guards were being taken out as well by the reptiles knowing they would pretect the greys.
I hit the elevator button and a few shots came my way.Hitting the floor the doors closed and I went up another floor.
THe labs and exec floor and all hell was breaking loose.No the elevator was stuck and I exit the unit.THe aliens were firing at me and I returned there fire killing two more reptiles.
bam I was hit by a lazor cut off three fingers.Screaming I starting firing in all direcitons.Human doctors were being killed by the reptiles and the greys were shooting at anything that moved.
I ran to the steps that were on east wall.A grey was blocking my way and I fired killing it.
Up the stairs I climbed to the human barracks.They were running every way and none were armed.I entered and a few guards were calling on phones.
"I'm going top side ,"I yelled to get help.THey seemed to agree and let me go.
On the top level there was a fire fight going on and I hit the floor crawling to safety.Outside I hit the bushes and watched as the amerian soliders came in on helopeters.
I made it down the mountain telling Eds wife that he was died.
I took the pictures to the white house but they said they were fake."YOu can do anything on a computer."

The end
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