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Yes I have noticed more synchronicities than normal since April 2014. They mostly have involved numbers, 3's, 6's and 9's. I went to Boston in May and was staying in room #9 at a motel and that had great significance, then gave a guy who ran out of gas $4 and ended up being hired on June 4th at my current job (I had a feeling the 4 was important). When I got back to Mobile, a guy with a gas can asked me to call his neighbor to come pick him up & her number had "999" in it, for me my symbol of the unconscious. I was almost crushed by an SUV on May 3rd 2014 and had what I can only call an OOB experience that continued in late May/early June when I returned home. With Tom Kenyon's audio files, I got a reptilian to dis-embed itself from me and watched that leave, then encountered what I would call a psychopomp in my living room. So yes, I have had major experiences here lately since May. The experiences have subsided now, but I am very happy that I understand better now I am creating my own reality & that I do have power to change my life, and that my beliefs create what I experience.
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