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Default I've updated to Mac OSX Yosemite and can no longer enter the chat room.

Apple released their new operating system OS 10.10 (Yosemite) in beta form and after spending hours backing up my system and uploading all the needed software, I'm no longer able to get into the chat room. I have tried all the tricks listed here on this Encounter Board thread with no luck.

The Safari internet browser software throws me out of the member logged-in website when I click on "Launch Chat Window." I'm immediately taken to the page which states, "The page you requested is for paying members only." in red. I'm not actually logged out of the site, just from chat.

With Firefox, I receive the message, below, "Could not connect to" I'll try and bring my computer into work to ask our Help Desk to fix this latter problem. I have no idea how to fix the Safari issue.

The only other internet browser software that I have is Opera which gives me the same message as Firefox.

As I use a Mac, Internet Explorer is, unfortunately, not an option.
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