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Cool Sweet Shirley/DANCING IN THE LIGHT/Where are my Sisters?

Many moons ago in the late 90's before there was a dot com for Shirley, There was a mailing list known as "Sweet Shirley" for fans of our great Lady SM. It was created and run by a guy named Jesse. WhenJesse had to leave the list due to personal health issues, He left me in charge and we took a vote and changed the list name to "Dancing in the Light". We had a GREAT bunch of members and we used to be very close, We were indeed like "A Family in the name of Shirley" one might say, And we used a running joke of saying we were a "Conent" and we all took Nun names after Shirley's charachters she played in her films, i.e. Sister Shirley Martha of Dobie or Sister Shirley Aurora of Greenway and so on. We were all so very close and we would even meet in person when possible and we really had a speciaal bond with Shirley as the uncommon denominater who had brought us all together even if maybe unknown to her. We were a grateful happy bunch. Anyway, When SM.COM came into being we were asked by a few people who said they were speaking for Shirley which may or may not have been true, But they nicely asked saying it was Shirleys wishes that we disband our group and become members of this website which after much thought and some sadness naturally, We did comply with what we believed to be Shirleys wishes and desiring to in no way compete with her website since we cared so much for her as wel, Late one evening we all said our goodbyes and I pushed the button and our Convent, lol, Our List, Home to us was no more. Since then I know at first it seemed that most of us joined here and enjoyed ourselves, Some went their own ways due to personal reasons or death in the family and such, However today so many moons later now I sure would like to ssee if any of the old gang is out there and to catch up and say I still love you and Hello. SO, If any of my old Sister Shirleys from our Dancing in the Light Online Convent lol I still laugh at the laughs we used to have, Anyway if any of you are out there today it's me, Jimmy, Your old Rev. Mum and I just desire to let you know I still love and adore each and every one of you and would love to hear from you each and every one and I trust you are all well and that time has treated you kind. My personal email is still and I still look at life and try to laugh as much as possible as Grandma used to tell me "You can laugh or you can cry, Life is a choice". I still choose and I still laugh, the funny thing is as I get older sometimes now I dont seem to recall what is funny, But Honey I LAUGH! May your days be filled with Laughter and your Nights be flooded with Gods Good Grace, And thanks be always to Shirley MacLaine and Brit Elders as well for building such a lovely and loving home for us all here. I'm Grateful for all the hard work that they both put in that is unseen by the public and goes often without kudos, I see the effort and may I say on behalf of all who enjoy themselves so much as I do here, Ladies, I thank you and kudos for the hard work you do for all of us, In love, Light and Laughter, Jimmy Garland
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