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Through out the day I didn't sleep much and kept looking at the gate.During the day it was quiet and those fake bushes and trees from even close as we were looked real.
Now would be a good time for a cigarette and lite one up,That woke Ed up and he joined me smoking thinking this may be our last.Believe me it wasn't long enough.So we got dressed in the uniforms and shaved and combed our hair.
Nightfall approached and we could hear the helicopters inside waiting for the big gates to open.
So we slow climbed down to the gates and they opened up with load banging sound.When we were, this close the door must have been 20 storys high.That alone I would turn away from Ed and make an expression OH MY GOD in slience.
The thunder of the helicopters in bay of the shed of the mountain was deafening.Then they started taking off one by one.
IT reminded of those old days.But I snapped out of it.

"OkAY that's the last one run like hell for the opening on left side."
We ran and stumbled and almost lost our footing as we raced to be beat the gate closing again.It was a imazing for such a large gates could move so fast.
"Ed we aren't going make it."I yelled.
"Today is good day to die but not here.Keep you white ass moving man we can make it."Ed shouted.
Bang we got in just as the doors closed.
There were lights everywhere on the high ceiling.We seemed as ants on large flat rock.I looked from one side to other.It was at least 4 football fields wide.I hugged the granite stone walls that seem unusally smooth almost like plastic.THere were lights running down the middle of the runway.Huge gates were separated by granite stone walls .For the helicopters and the space ships on the other side.
"You see that gate on the left .We have to run for that across the runway.It still is half open but closing as if a space might want to leave from the other side.
I was breathing hard I quit smoking years ago but old damage was still there.But I moved forward and we got into the helo storage and take off.There was so many people running around out there two more would not be noticed.People yelling "I need the part or He isn't signed off for this mission."Government work not the best and not the worst but most expensive.
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