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Default decaf, anyone?

Anyone having synchronistic events lately? I had a very small one this morning that was sort of a synchronistic/law of attraction event. I've recently been engaged in a "Secret tuneup," as I like to call it, and was listing to the audiobook The Secret this morning on the way to work.

As I was walking towards the restaurant where I was to meet a witness before heading to the labor board, I thought that I really wanted a cup of decaf coffee. However, the restaurant where I was meeting my witness never has decaf. Then I thought, well, I'll walk down the street a block to another coffee shop that does have decaf and then walk back to the restaurant. Something in me, however, told me to just go ahead and go into the restaurant just as I was about to pass it instead of walking down the block for the decaf. I listened and obeyed the impulse.

As I entered the restaurant, I looked at the coffee station to the right of the door--decaf coffee! And then as I approached to clerk to purchase a cup of the decaf, she said, "no charge" and handed me a cup.

Just a simple example of the law of attraction or synchronicity at work.

"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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