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Default day two

Through the day we slept like a rock we were on.When the sun started to go down we had energy bars and coffee out of bottles.We edged upward.The shear climb made me more afraid of falling then being caught at this time.I would look down and start to shake.
"Don't look Steve come on we are going to this for all those poor people they caught and experimented on."Ed bravely said.
Oh great something to look forward to being used as a monkey.God why ....why do I get myself into these things.I wanted to say Ed stop lets go back down.But everytime I looked down I was more afraid of that.By the middle of the night we could see the helicopters come and go.My first space ship as well.A small triangle shaped thing that made no sound but just edged out and then like a bat out hell took off and then disappeared so fast you wonder,did I really see that.THe choppers would use search lights on the other side of mountain looking for people but not on our side."I know you'd have to be stupid."I yelled.
"Ya stupid."Ed replied.
Finally it was about dawn and we had come as close we could without being inside.The fake gates would open and close with no sign of guards.
"They can't really be out there the space ship blast would kill them with radiantion."
"How about us."
"We go after the choppers go.They have automatic have cleaning sprays after each space ship goes."Then he pointed out."Its getting light out again.Tomarrow night we go in.I brought two of my guard uniforms with me.Also a couple of razors to clean up with.At least at first when they see us they won't give a second thought but going to the lower floors you need a badge.Can't use my old one."
"Hey we will figure as we go."I offered.
"Man that's what like about always gota plan."He laughed.
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