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Default The manifistation of your own future

Have heard many details of our New Sun and the New Mars
The Hopi prophecies all falling Into place!
I have taken many photos of our double sun
Just look up (if u r able) and take photo of the sun around
Mid day! Even with an iPhone I can capture the sun and a small
Planet just east and lower.
It is amazing what u see when your eyes are open

Been having total body Alignment with the huge solar flares as of
February 2014 and so much energy that meditation and meatless
Diet was mandatory
Meat slows down your vibration and if u must
Buffalo is sacred as they graze on sage

Mt Shasta is alive and well and spirit Has spoken that
We must raise vibrational levels to accommodate the
New info coming from middle earth
This is done by daily meditation and deep cleansing of
Toxic heavy metals we have all acquired from
Fukishima etc
Although spirit has helped emensely with this by a huge
Spawning of 1000's of baby turtles however some whales have moved
Their migratory route to the Atlantic

Just a bit of news that falls my way
Hence my poem from the past however of the
Prescious Present xox

I am tumbling...I am stumbling
Upon the pyramid
In the great desert
Of our past

It is the portal
It is the stargate
Flourescent gold and blue
Of our future

You all know me
For I am the one
who came to this planet
before the great sun

All our names are written
In the caves on the walls
For all of us to remember
Before the great fall

We ride with the wind
We travel to the stars
You are with me
As we traverse the new Mars

Let the past be forgotten
Let the Future be bright
Let the Present show the beginning
Of this new found shining light

Love Kris
empress of the east

All I can say at this
That....was my best so far xo
Will continue in a few minutes...xo[/QUOTE]
dragon spirit
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