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Default Bear Medicine

I have come to know some Bear medicine people here In Calgary
Hal and father Fred of the Sarcee nations. Fred is the bundle keeper
For the nation here a few miles outside of Calgary

We participated In a sweat lodge last new moon and we were
Very balanced with 8 men and 8 women
I have come to know a Wade Maude whom I met by accident
As he was holding a new moon ceremony last January and I
Needed a balancing of sorts after my 100 day meditation that I
Had just completed with my 93 yr old Thai Buddhist mon

Wade's presentation takes two Hours and Consists of many little parts
Of Buddhist, Tao, Cree, and Peruvian. Hence my Immediate
As you know I dream in Sansrit, with Buddha and Krishna overtones
With flowery borders. (Islamic)

I continue with my daily meditation with prayers to all ancestors for
Guidance and peace

Just a note of update since I have been away for awhile
However back now with a centre of confidence
My healing of my tumour was an indication and a pratise
Of all that I had learned up to this date and the final outcome
Was prepatory for what I was sent here to do. Whew

What a lesson! Hahaha Akan
I sit here and wait
For you all at my gate
Of self realization
Amen Namaste Ah'o and Kemcho

Ps. All this was magnified by all the wonderful people here
At Shirley's. And to You I am most greatful xox
dragon spirit
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