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Default The Hike

Ed had a map of the area of the mountain.Spread out on the table Peter and Star also stood as Ed pointed things out.
"They have infra red senser in this area the front but not in the back to steep only crazy people like us would climb ha ha.That is where the tunnel landing strip is for helicopters and light space craft."
"If they are just light ones they couldn't travel half across the galaxy."I offered.
"The dark side of the moon is where the mother ships are and there base since the fortys.Two kinds the greys and the reptilians.Look like gaint bugs but smart.THere hands they have changed to be more like humans over many periments at the base many generation and test tube babys.Taking our dna and joining theres.How many of our people had to dy doing that."
"How can our government allow this to happen."I said feeling angered.
"HP all of sudden they have this new technology.Since the fortys we have an edge over other countries."Ed commented with a wave of his hand."I couldn't take I left and drank to forget.But now I want to do something.This madness must stop."
Peter pointed to a staring point."Better travel at night,I think two nights to get there sleep during the day."

THe next night we were off with Peter dropping us off near the mountain.I looked up and I thought are you crazy Steve.I mean what are you not a reporter.Just some guy who loves danger to feel alive.Well this time maybe I bite off more than I could chew.Trying to avoid odd angled rocks was tuff at night and I fell a few times until Ed cut me a walking stick from a tree.That was better.The black helicopters flew over head not spotting us.
Now near the starting of the long hike up steep cliffs.Ed reached for a hand hold and it gave way and I caught him."Hey buddy don't die on me . I don't where I'm going."
"I'll try not to die until we get there,"he said with a laugh.
Daylight came and we found some bushes and a tree on a out crop on the side of the mountain.We laid our one blanket each over the small rocks.It was ruff but we very tired and soon went to sleep.
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