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The next day I showed everyone what I got on digial camera.You could see the cow being lifted by the black helicopter.Men looking down at me taking there picture.
"You got something there but it looks they spotted you."Peter pointed to men looking down.
"I should rush to this the internet or newspaper."
"Pictures can be faked with computer tech,"Ed entered."No we have to get inside and take pictures and then run to tv networks.
I desided to go to town and get some provisions for hike in land.I went to general store much like 7-11 only bigger.I got energy bars and lighters and cigarettes.I figure what the hell might as well a smoke if they catch me.God knows what terrible things they do to us.Bottled water and bottled coffee drink to stay up all night if I had to.
Outside I started for my car when the two men I saw in the car came over to me.
I had my camera around my neck and tried to take it off as they approached.
"We'll take that and they took it off my neck.Lets see fake pictures.I'll just clear those for you wouldn't want you to get into trouble with fake pictures."
"Say what you nosiing around here for,"said one of men."Nosiy people sometimes just disappear."
"Well I wouldn't want that would I ."
"Ed Eagle boy he's a drunk.Can't really depend on what he says."
"People hiking in that mountain and they just disappear.They fall on the steep rocks."
I walked back to my car and drove to indian reservation.Peter and Ed were standing outside.
"THey destroyed my pictures two suit guys."
"Yes I figured as much.HP is coming out with a new form of computer.Light travelong on fiber optics.You know the Roswell crashed space had in 1947.
They are letting things go little by littled.
"Think they would kill us Ed."
"Maybe not but they used in one of there experiments you'd wish you dead."
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