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Default cattle Missing in the Night

It was 322 miles from Roswell and I guess Ed thought he was safe.But they had him streaked out.
The town has 900 people not counting the Apache Reservation.One motel and few stores.Hardly what a top secret base would be.I mean all those people that work at he base couldn't live here.Have to be in the mountain itself.
We pulled into to town a few faces looking at my car following ED's truck and they knew something was up.It could only be one thing.So much for a low profile.
The mountain itself is located on the Indian Reservation.A road was built in 1947 around the mountain under the cover a lumber mill.Many heavy pieces of equipment were transported there.A tunnel machine was brought in.THe road was later destroyed and brought back to look as it never excessed.No lumber ever came this supposed mill.
Ed's brother Peter Eagle Boy live on a run down ranch with a few cows and pigs and chickens.His wife Star Eagle Boy was in her 60s as her husband.
I came in with Ed and introduces myself as wanting a story for the internet.
We all sat his kitchen table and Star brought a box full of pictures.
"Look heres my proof.See my cattle they steal in the night drop back with eys cut out and sex organs missing.They don't offer to buy them ,just steal."
"Yes if they brought the cattle it would admit there was a base."Ed said.
"I went to the Police in town.They go" what can I do the CIA runs thngs you know that as well as I do."The police chief said.
"I went to net works 20-20 they came and I showed the pictures on tv and still nothing.I have few cows left.In bring them in the barn now every night."
"The black helicopters come out every night to look for people getting to close," offer Star.
"I want to break this wide open and get as close as possible.But they followed us from Roswell.They had him in site.But as long as he was drunk he was not taken seriously by the locals I feel."I said.
"No more drinking I will get us both close.But we must go inside to really to prove that it excess."
"Inside.........I want to but how can we without getting caught."
"I know how the exit for the space ships is wide and hidden but theres blind spots.It is the top level."
There are 7 levels to base.
Level 1:security and communications
Level 2:Human staff housing
Level 3:Execs and labs
Level 4:Mind control and experiments
Level 5:Alien Housing
Level 6:genetic experiments
Level 7: Cyogenic storage
An elevator runs in the middle splitting each floor.The helicopters and space craft are on the top floor with a open run way.The trees and bushes the cover the opening and are on a moving platfoam.They open when they take off and closes, these trees are fake as well as the bushes.

"You know all this and they let you live."
"As you say I was a drunk.Never was on the last two floors a lot of bad stuff.I heard screams sometimes.I wanted to go down and investigate but they wouldn't allow any security down there."

That night about 3 in the morning I was awoken by the sound of helicopter .I looked out the window and two men were taking a cow out of the barn.I got up and banged on Peters door.
"Peter wake they taking a cow out of the barn."
"What ......ok let me get some clothes on. Take my shot gun by the back door."
I raced to the door with my camera in hand and strong flash.They had a harness on the the cow and were pulling it up.I took my camera and shot the picture of a cow and helicopter,
the men were already in the chopper.Four good good pictures I got.They flew off not giving me a second thought as I thought.But that wasn't the case.

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