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Default Escape From Dulce

I write this as a tale of fiction.As not to get The men in black after me.

I was traveling since my retirement to Roswell ,knowing there was to see but shops selling t shirts and what not.
Going to bar in town to figure out where go next I sat next to this Indian.He was a little drunk.Probably why started talking to me.
"Hey why you come here I can spot tourist a mile away."
"Just wanted to see the area I read so much about."
"There is nothing here all gone the day of the crash to underground base in Ohio of all places."
"How you know so much about this stuff."
"I was a guard at Dulce under ground base mountain.The things I saw would turn your stomach.I stay for five years until one day left the area hoping to forget what I saw."Turned back to his drink.
Maybe I was just stupid or wanted aventure.Wasn' I in a war and been in the den hells angels with my brother in law.Just to see the nasty life.Adventure that was me I always got away unharmed.
"Look my name is Steve whats yours."
"Ed Eagle boy."
"Take me there and I make worth you while.Five hundred dollars for a tour."
"Are you crazy ,you get close they take you in never to come out alive."He turned back to his drink."No."
"A thousand we just get close enough to entrance for some pictures to put on the internet."
"A thousand its your funeral.Tomarrow out front of this bar."Then he left.
I thought he won't show all drunk talk.Oh I am important I was guard at this secret base.I finshed my drink went to my motel room.As I drove back I could swear there was a car following me.Crap its just a small town and I went to bed.
The next I had breakfeast at McDonalds and then rushed over to the bar.There he was standing in front of an old Ford truck.
"I didn't you'd show Steve.Five hundred in advance."
"Okay."I paid thinking he'll get in his truck split someplace other then Dulce.
I looked around and there was car from last night with two men inside wearing suits.Looking at the newspaper.Suits in this area huh,I wonder.
"Follow me we go to my brother place on the reservation for safety.They don't go there .Only at night to steal cows and then drop off all cut up with organs missing.My brother has pictures been on the internet."
"Yes I seen such pictures."
"I have lived a long life.The money can go to my brother if don't return."
"Thanks for scaring me for breakfeast."
"Follow me."He drove towards Dulce and I knew that at least I would get there.
I looked out rear mirror and the car was following us or it would seem.After an hour and it was still there.I was getting nervous.Then it passed me and one man took my picture without trying to hide his actions.
Oh shit I thought but it made it all more compelling.Maybe true after all.But they had my picture.THey would find I had a top secret cleanse at one time in the Army.Maybe that still meant something.
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