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Default Mother

"You come to me ask my permission to marry this Viet Namese whore."
"Mother please she is no whore but a working woman.We love each other."
"I will not."She turned away."I will not ruin your life."
"NO mother please.............please mother.'
"What of Karloyn a girl you have love so many years."
"She had decided to go the lover who took my place while in Nam."'
"young people don't understand anything."
"Do you know this woman will leave once in America.What a fool you will be.I wont have it do you understand."
"Mother please I bet of you ."

I looked up my old friend clyde we played in a rock band in high school and he was going to junior college.He told me our lead singer died in Viet Nam in a fire fight,
"Shit Clyde can the news just keep coming bad.I can't stand much more."
"This girl over there?"
"I lose everything and have go back to harms way."
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