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Default Not 21 or Karloyn gets even

Here I was in a war zone putting my life on the line.Because I wasn't 21 I needed my mothers written permission to get married.Her brother was killed by the Japanese and she didn't like orientals much.Besides which I was engaged back home to my child hood sweet heart.Later to be found out she cheating as well as I.Hey I don't blame her.But mother it didn't look good.
Another problem I had money piling up and couldn't put in banks there.So I had to send home to my mother to put it in savings account.I told her it was for a car.She never question how a enlished man made officers money being sent home.
I wrote my sister Jolene and ask her to soften mother up without letting the cat out of the bag.But she wrote back that Karloyn and Mother were making wedding plans when I came home.Shit I just extended and was due to go home on leave in a month.
I finally met Major Thi and he was for it.A very intelligent man and I could see where Sunny got it.
"You back to America never come back,"she started to cry."All bull shit,you never come back."
"I will just leave I need to go back and get written permission from my mother."
"Does not make sense I do not need.Why you."
"Damn America law."

tet offensive:was early in tour

Now back in Iowa the most conservate state in the union.How was I tell her.Karloyn met at the air port.Then we kissed like I was never gone.I was starting to second guess myself.We went to her place and we had our clothes off before the door was shut.We made love must have been an hour.Lust pinned up from her she said."You want me baby take me again."'
Climbed on top and pushed back long blond hair."lets get married now before you get you next post."
"I .........extended."
She got off me and stood up on the floor."What you extended when everyone else wants to come home.When I am here to fucking marry you damn bastard.You got a girl over there don't ya."She started to cry."Fucking bastard I bets it a girl.Tell its not......tell its not.Your no killer."
"I.........shit Karloyn.A year is a long time."
"Well fuck you mister.Your dick is not only one town either.I got replacement don't need you shit."She walked over to her clothes started putting them on."Oh wait until I tell your mother.An oriental bitch,she'll love that."
I got out of bed and got dressed."You will not tell her anything understand."
"Watch me buddy."She picked up her phone dialed my mother."Ruth this is Karloyn I have Steve here and this fucker extend because of some Viet Namese cunt can't wait until he comes home."She turned and gave me the middle finger."Get the hell out,I'm not driving you.And you know Johny is better in bed makes me come and come.I only fake it with you.Like this oh ya hu hu.Then she snapped her finger pointed to the door.
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