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Default Italy early 1800s

The Italian reincarnation early 1800's.Gina and Fredrico and two children on small olive tree and wine grapes.A small wooden house one room with a kitchen and fireplace two beds.
It was simple time.Love was strong and living was hard.But once a year the family would go to harvest festible.A time to drink wine and rides for the kids.Usually large swings.
Gina was a short large frame woman with large breast.Usually had a black long skirt on with a white blouse.Women didn't wear bras for most part her body would show in the sun.Only Fredricos large body and farm muscle kept the men from making advances.Gina new this enjoy showing her body off.It turned Fredrico on somewhat to know he had the prettiest woman in the area.
I remember the hypnotise had me die to bring me back.I was quiet old and Gina's face the last I saw.
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