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Default Beginning of the black market

Now as soliders we had ration cards 4 twelve packs of beer a month and 4 cartoons of cigarettes.Very cheap as we only making 2 hundred a month depending extras as I was flying I got fifty dollars more.So I went to the Px on my way to the Blue Sky Bar where Sunny worked and brought 4 packs of beer Budweiser.
Outside a cowboy stopped me."You buy for bar ,I can buy, pay more or C rations or tools anything.Make you plenty rich.Why go to bar."
I could see the pistol in his front packet.Then looked back at him."Can I trust not to kill me."
"Why kill the goose that lays the golden egg."He pushed his pistol deeper into his pocket."I pretect you and my gang plenty dangerous to bring beer down here without pretection."
"Keep it in mind."Then I walked into the bar.
"Stevie sun stevie sun."Called out the owner ,you number one you say and you come with beer."
I took the beer to the bar and put it on the counter and she open the cash register and gave me double what i paid.Man I thought if I could get more.Almost a third of my pay per month.
Sunny looked over at me and smiled."NO bullshit solider."She walked over and gave me a long kiss."You get me c rations pay my rent.Or whatever you can get."
"What about money instead.That cowboy outside has other ideas."
"Damn Lee but it is okay.You pay and talk about you live with me."
"Lee what is he to you.Not your pimp."
"I no whore ,he is man who does favors for me from time to time.Not to say more would be foolish.Can I trust Steve ,I don't yet."
"What does it take."
"You say you love me but just want to fuck me.Leave poor Sunny when time is up.I want to go to America first man who can deliver."
"What about your family?"
"I send for them.Lee can get pass port for a price and push papers through."
"lee seems to have a lot of jucie around here.So sell to him ,does give a good price."
"Depends on the stuff.If you get continually he'll pay."
So that night we went to a rented room and had the best sex a 19 year kid ever had.When I ask why not her place,she said in time when trust is higher.
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