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Default Thi Ne and the Saigon Sinners

War changes people.Young mature faster and you find yourself doing things you'd never do state side.It was almost as crime was okay or the black marker really didn't hurt anyone.But sure helped me with my shack job.
As a recon photographer in Saigon and working with mainly officers I had a lot of privileges that many didn't.When I was off at night I could stay off base as long as I was there for breakfast the first flight out.
At first I just stayed in the barracks at night.Then one night a friend Steiner a big blond german who enlisted from west Germany took me to town at night.The famous Tudo street nothing but bars for servicemen and no male viet namese would go in the bars but the cowboys as they were called hung outside.Same as gangsters in our language.The Saigon tea girls usually didn't whore themselves out as they made alot money just talking to G.I.S.
But cowboys would provide girls all in a local hotel where they lived.Also known to kill for money and get rid of the body never to be found.As Thi Ne would tell me.She once had a solider killed who would come in and ruff her up because she wouldn't sit with him.He'd get kicked out but would back the night after night.Until one night four cowboys rushed him into a cab and did him in.The price 500 dollars American.
I know what your thinking how could I be with a woman like that.But over there someone bugged you enough they disappeared it was just excepted and no one gave it much thought.
I wrote a book once when I was in my thirtys called the Saigon Sinners.Never published as they thought it was too ruff about the night life.
THi NE OR SUNNY as her bar was.She was Cambodian 18 years old I remember when I saw her it was love at first site or lust.She was standing at the bar long black hair and thin body but tight.Darker skinn and almost white features as I was I later to learn there was French in her family line.She seemed out of place somehow .I left Steiner and went over to her.
"Hi my name is steve buy you a drink,thats how this works isn't it."
"Ha ha what pretty boy you are.Killer of VC or office boy pretend to be tuff."
"Air recon photographer they shot at me and I take there picture.I say smile VC ."
"You are so funny no bull shit like others."
I yelled out to mamasun a beer and Saigon tea enough for an hour or so.
We sat down at booth.I sitting next to her putting my arm around her.
"Sunny somehow you look like you are out of place your English is prefect."
"I speack five languages and already have two years of college.When everything changed."She turned her head down."Everything changed.My father an officer in the Viet Namese army lost a arm and one eye and that was it for his service and my mother died of cancer.I had to make money to surport my father and little sister.I make good money here and don't have whore myself.My father thinks I work in an office.I pay the bills so he can live in town in a house with my sister.I don't know why I am telling you this.I never tell anyone."
"Maybe cause you like me .Cause I like you the instant I saw you."
"G.I . so full of bullshit.You love me take me to a America and I give 4 children."
"Yes why not."
"You hear that girls G.I. take me to America."She laughed.
I stood up "Damn straight be my wife."
All the other girls clapped there hands and laughed."They all say that G'I'." Someone answered.
'When I come back tomarrow and tomarrow maybe you'll believe."
"You want to be my man then bring C rations and cigarettes and American beer sale to mamasun for bar.Then I believe.'
So I left that first night and thought what the hell gives something to do.Lust or love who can tell when your young.
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