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Default Meeting Major Thi

As I said I had gotten involved with a Saigon tee lady.She was Cambodian with darker skin then the Viet Namese about five feet tall.Her bar name was Sunny.
Well at one point I was on top of the world and everything was going gang busters.I had little black market on the side an apartment a girl friend to support.But increasily she had bugging for more goods .Cartoons of cigarettes.
I go "Sunny whats the deal You know I'm spec five and black market low key."
She looked up at me with trim body her western dress and high heels."Its my father Major Thi he thinks I am an office worker.That I go with a American officer who wants to take out this country of war."
"We can't go on like this we gota tell him the truth."
"He was a very important man at one point until a rocket hit his jeep one day and took his left arm and left eye.He can not fight anymore and government pension is so little."
The next day was sunday and I had day off.So As we woke up I deside to me her father.We got cleaned up and she dress in traditional Viet Namese custom white slacks with black silk top where the its a dress both sides are cut out to the waist.
Sunny was nervous and didn't really to go see her father with me.But gave in .
We took a cab to center of the city a few houses were mixed in with apartment buildings .There it was a white house with black iron gates surrounding the place.
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