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We heard that many citys were being attacked at the sametime and down town Saigon was full of VC that had entered the city over the last few weeks causing trouble and the American embassy was raid for awhile they got them out.
I knew something was up because old blood and guts himself was out the headquarters armed with a drawn pistol.Wave people on "Get ready boys the word is coming expect an attack.He came walking up to my area."Can hit anything with that old thing or you want a new m16."
"I like this fine don't jam and shoots further."I replied.
"Think you can hit the bridge from here."
"Maybe not,"I'd have move closer.
"Well I expect you better just do that now solider."He walked away talking to other soliders .
I got up move closer to the bridge.Getting as close as I could and then stacking sand bags to be a little higher.Resting my gun the fense for support.I thought I wish Jolene was here she was a better shot then I was although I had gotten better.
It was very dark now and I could here a horn on the other side. Dot ud dot he sounded and then screams and yelling.a red communist flag went rushing in front of men charging from the other side.They were shotting and another rocket went into the slient tank.iT was down and out.But fifty on top was still maned.It started firing along with rifle squad.Men in the front fell and the flag went down to snapped up by a fellow comrade.More came from behind this was the big push.The fifty rattle on.
I started shooting and first few seem hit the medal supports of the bridge.Ping I could hear my shot bounce off."Shit ."I said and took off my helmet and wiped the sweat off my fore head.
The rifle team was coming up around the tank firing old 45 cal machine guns and carbines and 30/6 rifles. Our whole line was firing at the bridge now and we taking down people as well as VIet Namese troops but they were still coming.Endless supply of men and I thought we would run out of bullets before they ran out of people.
More rockets came at our passion of the fense to keep our heads down.Just when we thought all was lost three cobras came in firing there mini guns and the VC north Regulars fell like cord wood.
Pinging off the metal supports and thuds when the bullets hit bodies.The first group was all shot down and rear group quickly turned ran for cover.With choppers following getting some more as they ran.
We all stood up and cheered feeling lucky to be alive.As I was sure we couldn't hold them getting in here without the choppers.
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