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Small arms fire started shooting at the jet and it was flying low.We got up and started firing across the river and a large Chinese style heavy machine answered our volley.The just in front of the fense with some hitting area as well.Made us duck for cover.
Just then a couple of cobra gunships came in firing at area of heavy gun but a hand held rocket was there answer taking one of the cobra's blades out.It came crashing down at the foot of the bridge on our side.We poped our head to take a look and Viet Namese solider was taking the pilot out .BLoody but alive.
After that the other cobra shot every rocket mini gun bullet he had and silent the big gun.He turn to go back to the base.Then Morter rounds started coming into the base.There is nothing more scary.All you here is a whristling sound and when it stops that means its on it downward path.So is whistle passes you by you feel lucky but if you hear whistle then quick silent pray to your maker.Thats just what first one did.
"Hit the ground boys,"someone yelled.A solider down a little from me got hit screamed in pain as his right leg was bloody.A guy next to him yelled out for a medi pac and I through mine over.A bandage and morfine needle.A few minutes later the medic was there doing his thing and they took him off later.
THe men from rear must have come up because all of sudden lead was flight in like rain from hell."Hey I yelled out don't you know we just Military Intelligence boys we don't fight we send others to do that."
"They ain't listening Steve must be a language barrier!"answered another.
Then a c130 plane from ww2 came in and it had four mini guns installed ran by men through side open windows.HUH Huh,came there sound empty shells raining down.Trees on the other side were falling like Paul Bunyine was them chopping down.
The plane left after awhile and all was quiet but I knew they were not done.They didn't travel hundreds of miles to quiet that easy.Night fall was coming and another push to be sure.
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