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The compound was on full alert.All the office boys and intelligence people were on all four sides of the small base.Two buildings near the center were head quarters and intel readers.The other was for the paper work they generated.Two double decker barrarks near bridge side and a look out tower maned with a m60 machine gun.No combat troops here.But they were behind sand bags firing across the river.
I rushed into head quarters with the film.I dropped it off with the lab people and reported to Major Nelson.
He standing around a map of our area including the bridge."Well Harmon what you see,got a feel the number."
I pointed to an area I just came from.The main force is behind these guys get here by dark.There was so many they couldn't hide in the jungle."
"Well how many damn it!"
"Hundreds sir,I say hundreds.
He looked worried."Okay grab a rifle from supply and man the line."
"Yes sir."I turned went outside where all hell was breaking loose.A Cobra just came over firing its mini gun with empty shell raining down on me and some other soliders.The gun sounds like a fog horn.Huh huh.
I ran over to supply just a rocket came across and blew the top of the look out tower off.
The guy in the tower must have seen it coming because he got up off the floor and started firing the machine gun."You mother fuckers,I'll show you."He screamed firing so many bullets it looked like a lazer beam.Since every 7 shell is a tracer.
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