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The city was dense 7 million lived there.The builders were mostly build out of concrete by French.CHolon the Chinese section of the city actually look like Paris with bricks and morter.
I kept my head down and drove a steady pace as not drawn attention.Which was stupid looking back now.As I heard shots being fired here and there.Sometimes like machine gun and other times with pistol fire.
Women and children were running for cover and the police waving me through enter sections with their pistol in hand.
Crack a bullet went through my windshield on the passengers side.
"Shit,"I shouted."Where that come from."
I press pedal to metal after that and almost went into an open sewer that ran along the road.Adjusting for the turn a little late.Just missed the ditch.I could smell raw soage.Thinking thank god I didn' t die in pile of shit.
When your scared out of your mind all kind of things pop into it.
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