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little did we know that a lot of VC had already entered the city.These were main force along with north Viet Namese army soliders.Instead of jungle warfare they were coming as an army to the cities to raise hell and show they would never give up.
"Captain I got enough,lets get out of here."I shouted .
A couple of gunships came flying bye.The door gunners were firing their m60 machine guns into tree tops.
Up came a shoulder held rocket and blew one of choppers to pieces.The other gunship turned and shot rockets of its own down in the dense jungle.Explosions and fire and smoke.Our plane flew on through it,taking a few bullets to the wing.
We landed on air force base in Saigon.I jumped out and got into a jeep and drove myself to the front gate.I could hear rifle shots all over the place in the city.The Mp Stop me at the gate.
"You can't go out there all hell breaking loose."He leaned in and put his hand on chest.
"I got get this film to my base," I screamed.
"And wheres that!"
"Saigon bridge !"
"Good luck buddy."
I drove into the city.With three rolls of film and a forty five on my lap.
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