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Default The Battle For The Saigon Bridge

The North Viet Namese desided to attack all major citys during tet 1968.Usually there was a truse,since both sides were buddish.I had arrived in December of 1967 and felt lucky to station in Saigon.Our outpost was at the end of the Saigon bridge.Military intelligence station,they looked at photos taken from me taking pictures with a 35mm camera in a single engine plane.
The bridge was one of main entrance from the north side.It was always guided by MP Viet Namese army.A ww2 Sherman tank and fifty caliber machine nest at the side.
In the mornings I would get a ride to the air port where a pilot would be waiting.The little plane looked tiny with all the gun ships around.He would have the area to be where the photos would be taken.
Captain Smith was a very thin 35 year old lifer.In the air it was like we buddies on the run way it was yes sir.
I arrived flax vest and forty five and three cameras with telephoto lenses.I don't know what gun was for maybe to shot myself rather being captured.
Lately we had been seeing a lot of movement of vc in the jungle.Once in a while they would take a shot at me.It use to make me mad I couldn't shot back.
I got out of the jeep and walk over to the plane where the captain was waiting.I saluted and got into the plane.January 30,1968.

We went about 20 miles out and I started taking pictures."Jesus cap you seeing what I'm seeing."there were hundreds of VC in the open running towards Saigon.
"Base this captain Smith theres a whole lot of VC coming to town to party and they are armed to the teeth."
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