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Default More nice news to share with you...

Hi Folks… Wow ! More nice news from/as a result of happy Nevada inspirations. I do feel a powerful draw to its terrains and magical flora fauna and wildlife… pulling me… almost magnetically towards its mountains... some kind of magical draw… like these pics Am thinking I might like living there at least part of the year… for awhile… have been to LV 7 times in last 15 months… Something surely "going on" at a deep level… I don't fully understand… It just is… THe news:::> Have been asked to give a 3-5 minute speech/talk at this year's Gloria Vanderbilt Short Fiction Awards' dinner on 21st in Toronto [the award thingy was one of the 2011 winners of for "The Poet"], and have been asked to read from from "Last Man Man Standing" on the 23rd at the publisher's book and magazine launch at the Dora Keogh Pub on the Danforth, Toronto... So honored by all this . And proud. As you know, it has been a long long journey from childhood to here, now… turn 65 in September… "Last Man…" bought for both their magazine, ELQ's [Exile: the Literary Quarterly] 150th edition and their upcoming anthology "Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse". Crazy all this happening now! HAve been writing song lyrics like mad. They Just seem to be falling out of the sky and landing on my shoulder. Angels on the wing... Or seeming like that... Some have put music to… but mainly leaving the lyrics for others to put the "magical notes of and in the air" to… or collaborate with… Will have to see what the gods have in mind… Am so grateful for all this… a little mystified... and surprised and definitely humbled… Unexpected life evolutions and revolutions… Crazy! Good crazy ! Story bought for anthology last January and the magazine just a few weeks ago. The story, "Last Man….", was/is one of the two stories writ in Vegas last August [2013]. The other writ there then called "Hemingway's Cigar or It must Have been in the Water" is not bought by anybody yet… a long… 7,700 worder… Luv all this is happening… lots of Vegas references in that one… in an imaginative way… and a man [me 'in disguise' I suppose] coming into some sort of "self recognition and resolution" … Jus' keepin thee all up to date with "good stuff"
All the best to you all ! Much love sent… and gratitude for this message board and all it contains… "The Shirley Connection" … I thank the gods for the "good" in the cyberspace "r"evolution...

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