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Hi Wolfdog,
This is what I believed as well but the young girl that painted the picture of "Jesus" was raised in an atheist family. Yet she seemed to have had experiences that follow with the Christian afterlife view. I supposed she could have been influenced by people outside her family even though she was quite young - 6 - I think. I've just started another book by Julia Assante, PHD "The Last Frontier - Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death". I have been very interested in these type of books after becoming a skilled remote viewer because they are the only out of body accounts that come close to what it feels like when you are having a multi sensory remote viewing experience. I am certain after all the targets I've done over the years that we do not need our bodies to be conscious and alive. I am very curious about the space of lives between lives. I've read all the Michael Newton books too - which also had a lot of similar explanations to what I saw doing inward search targets - viewing the timeline of my soul. I distinctly remember viewing a room full of screens running movie clips of my life. Also could be known has a life review or even screenings of other possibilities, parallel lives running simultaneously. I also saw colored lightbulb type orbs - seeing my children's colors, meeting up with millions of orbs greeting me in a mystical ancient etheric city, gathering in soul groups - definitely nothing like what I'd been raised believing was supposed to be happening in that afterlife.
I'm really interested in hearing what others believe about this.
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