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Default For Froggie

Dear Froggie,

Thank you for taking your time to share all of your ideas and what you are feeling and reading.
I think it was the well known after death researcher Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who explored this topic rather extensively. I have not read her books but, have read that she found after interviewing a lot of people who have had near-death experiences, that what they saw was always in alignment with their belief systems. Most seemed to go through a tunnel of light and to see religious figures according to their belief systems ie Jesus if they had been Christians, Buddha if they were Buddhist, one of their favorite Hindu Gods or Goddess' if they had been Hindu...although they actually believe in one God/Goddess with many aspects. After that many experienced long dead beloved family members, who in most cases would guide them back into their bodies. Some in hospitals never went that far but, watched themselves in an operating room and gave clear accounts of what went on there after their return to their body.
Love to you,
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